How to help with missing/broken cities/regions

Please do not report missing/broken cities in this category any more. This effort has been moved to a spreadsheet to make things more manageable.

Head on over to Missing/Broken Cities Tracker to report issues and/or help us in the effort to fix data in OpenStreetMap. Please provide as much information as you can. :smiley:

Paired with this, there’s now a new Slack channel for us to chat in. This will hopefully be easier for chatting about problems, how to fix them, etc.

  1. Request an account here:
  2. Wait for account approval
  3. Log in with your account here:
  4. Click “Channels” in the left navigation
  5. Search for “CityStrides”

Here’s what I need in that spreadsheet

  • The City, Region, and Country columns must be filled in
  • The OSM Issue column helps, but isn’t required
  • The OSM Fixed column is there to tell me whether or not the city is ready for import; if OSM is not fixed, then I cannot import the city
  • The CS Issue is almost always City Missing, but sometimes it can be that there are no streets or no border
  • The Notes column is a great place to tell me if this is a nested city or not - use the format “nest under [CityStrides link to the parent city]”
  • The OSM Link column is where you add the link to whatever data you can find - if the issue is that the city exists as a Node, then include the Node link … if the issue is that the city exists as a Way, then include the Way link … if the city is ready to go please set this to the Relation link (read below on how to get that) because I cannot import the city without this link
  • The CityStrides Link column is there in case the problem being reports is for an existing city … it’s not common, but this column is useful for those cases

Here’s how to get the OSM Link

  • Visit
  • Search for the city
  • Click the details button for the city
  • Copy the relation 123 link in the top section of that page
  • Paste the link into the OSM link column in the spreadsheet