New Zealand cities missing

Not too sure where to post this, but if you could add Auckland, NZ that’d be wicked. It used to be on here and now looks like it’s gone? Maybe part of an update or something that’s wiped it

A lot of nz isn’t on here. Cities like Rotorua and Nelson were never on the site and haven’t been imported with the latest update. Not a big deal @JamesChevalier , but I though those cities would have been imported, as comparable cities such as Christchurch are?

See below for the thread/Google Doc that describes the different regions being imported. There’s only two shown for NZ.

Yeah, Auckland is at admin level 4. Same with Rotorua and Nelson, @katsipis.
But the regions that I have in there now are all admin level 4 as well. I’ll need to look into this one…

Re-opening this so I can figure out what I need to do here.

  1. Should I add Auckland as a Region of NZ and as the only city within that region?
  2. Should I handle Nelson the same way?
  3. Should I add the Bay of Plenty Region and then add Rotorua as its admin level 6 record within that?

I think this is the list of Regions that should exist for New Zealand (not what’s in the site now) - is this correct?

Bay of Plenty
Chatham Islands
Hawke’s Bay
West Coast

Then, for each of those Regions, I need to figure out which admin level to import for the cities. It’s probably different in each Region & there might be outliers.

// @katsipis @brendonrjones @maximc22

Hi James, great to see you having another crack at some of the more unusually names NZ regions (including my home city and region of Auckland…)

The regions listed above are correct, though I have seen occasionally Tasman-Nelson listed as one area.

I’m not sure how aligned to OSM data you need to be - I’m guessing very - and can see why you have issues with NZ based on how things are mapped there. For Auckland, you could look to use the Administrative levels as the next level down. These are at admin level 8 but there doesn’t look to be an admin level 6 for Auckland (which would be what we would call Auckland City and encompasses most but not all of the level 8 administrative levels).

Not sure how to treat Nelson but the level 4 Region is small, there wouldn’t be much outside of the city.

For BoP/Rotorua, not sure how else you would do it and I think based on what I see looking through Nominatim is the only way it could be added (and this matches what I can see for the likes of Wellington City and Christchurch City)

Within Auckland (admin level 4), there are a number of “cities” (admin level 8). These seem worth importingt to me, do you agree?
Upper Harbour
Hibiscus and Bays
Waitākere Ranges
Great Barrier

The only “Auckland” (as a single city) that I have access to is the admin level 4 entity: Relation: ‪Auckland‬ (‪2094141‬) | OpenStreetMap
Should I include that within the state of Auckland? So that when viewing the Region Auckland within CityStrides, you’d see all of the admin level 8 cities listed above as well as the single (huge) Auckland state as a City.

Similarly for Nelson, there would be a single Region named Nelson that contained a single City also named Nelson: Relation: ‪Nelson‬ (‪4266962‬) | OpenStreetMap
There are no admin level 8 or 6 entities within that relation, so it wouldn’t have any other cities.

Bay of Plenty has a number of admin level 6 entities within it:
Kawerau District
Whakatāne District
Rotorua District
Western Bay of Plenty District
Tauranga City
Taupō District
Ōpōtiki District

Is Bay of Plenty, itself, a City - similar to Auckland? If it is, then I can do the same as Auckland/Nelson & include it within itself.

I think those admin level 8 “cities” would be what you would bring in to cover Auckland, and it looks to be similar to some Australian cities (I run a bit in Adelaide too).

Bay of Plenty is only a region (state type region) but I would suggest importing those level 6 admin entities. I read a bit last on on how NZ is set up in OSM and the majority follows the 17 regions at admin level 4 with the level 6 entities below (looking to follow how councils are set up) so that approach would lead to some consistency for NZ. Auckland is the exception (due to size and population) where it is level 4 for the region and level 8 for the “council” areas.

I can have a go at pulling together a table of level 4 and their corresponding level 6 entries if that helps? Let me know what OSM data you need for this and maybe I could add to a tab in the missing cities file and put the info in there?

I’m already making decent progress in the spreadsheet - check out How to help with missing/broken cities/regions
I think I’ve got a solid plan based on your help here … let me know if anything for NZ looks wrong in that spreadsheet, though.

That looks good - I assume when the region comes in at level 4 any level 6 or 8 “cities” below also come in? i.e. they don’t need to be listed separately on the spreadsheet?

Looks like good progress, looking forward to it seeing it up and running, will be sure to send a donation your way

Yeah, whichever level I note in that Notes column is the city level that I’ll import. If we end up seeing that some cities are missing because they’re at a different level, then I can import those separately (I’ve seen this for places like Auckland, Manhattan, etc).

Thanks for your help on this!

It’s alive!

I can now see some streets flowing through recent runs, as well as Auckland as a city.

Not much else has come through so far, I’m guessing that is just a matter of time while it works through historical runs? In any case I am now a paid up member :slight_smile:

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