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I’m not sure if every city officially has districts or neighborhoods, but mine does, and I think it would be great if, in addition to a total percentage of a city, it could be subdivided by its neighborhoods/districts. I’m not sure how the nodes/streets work entirely, so this may be tricky to program. In a certain sense, its essentially the same thing as the city, but smaller, so maybe this isn’t strictly necessary, although I know I’d like it. :man_shrugging:

I agree that this is definitely something that would be cool to see. I also think that most cities would have official subdivisions into quadrants, districts or neighbourhoods, as you said.

Jim has addressed this previously, and there’s quite a bit of information in this thread, specifically starting with Jim’s comment here:

For what it’s worth, I am interested in the neighbourhoods I complete, and track them on my own time. My city has close to 10,000 streets, so it’s nice to have other milestones. From another post:

I’m actually interested in the opposite idea. Somewhere I posted a suggestion of being able to roll up several Local cites/towns to track It separately. For example we have a local group of runners and most of us live close but in different cities. Would be fun to see the progress and compete with the larger area since most of us are not running the same city. I can certainly understand wanting to see quicker progress in smaller chunks. Our biggest Local city is 1555 streets With several 500-700 street areas then a lot of smaller ones surrounding those.

@dallas.devries I remember reading that… not sure which of these posts it was, or if I just missed the mark. Based on the current amount of people using the challenges, I wonder if that would be a good way to tackle it.

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Are neighborhoods already in OSM?
I like it. Makes me think of this problem I am facing.

I often go to the city of Granbury, Texas.
I will be striding there more too.

Near Granbury is the small town of Thorp Spring, but it’s a “hamlet” in OSM, so is not in CS.

There’s also the very large neighborhood called Oak Trail Shores, but it too is a hamlet.

I would love to see my strides there, show up here.

PS. Per this post, I did add Oak Trail Shores & Thorp Spring to the Missing/Broken Cities Tracker. But maybe OTS needs to be added as a neighborhood? FYI, OTS is a pretty big place. Has it’s own volunteer fire dept and drinking water supply. It’s as big as a city!

Here is an idea, an option to build custom “neighborhood” by selecting existing roads that make up these areas. A road selector would probably be the trickiest part here. You would want to make it easy to add roads. Partial roads would be tricky. Then give the user an option to save and name the new neighborhood.

Likewise build a similar mechanism for building custom “neighborhood” from existing cities. Let the user select 2 or more cities to define this new hood and give it a name. For example I would create “Capital District, New York” which includes the greater Albany, NY area of about 20-30ish cities/towns.

Let the users see the progress on neighborhoods like they do on cities currently. This allows users to build neighborhoods of any size and shape that fits their needs. Could also be used in challenges.

I agree! I live in NYC and have noticed that this city neighborhood category is available in Manhattan, where you can complete the nodes within each community board. It would be great if the community boards (or neighborhoods) could be expanded to the other 4 boroughs! I hate to resign myself to never be able to complete the geography of an entire borough, but I think it would be much more fun to track to segments of the country. If possible would great to load in the community boards of the other locations.