Street must be in a city to show as complete?

Saturday I “completed” a street called Abbey Lane in Raleigh, which it turns out is just out side the Raleigh city limits (Raleigh is my pinned city). OK, it’s not in the city limits, but it should count towards my overall completed streets, right? No, when I go to my Completed Streets page, it doesn’t appear. Also discovered some streets I completed in a half-marathon a few years back don’t show as completed; the course was half inside the city limits and half outside the city limits. The completed streets inside the city are shown in my Completed Streets list; the completed streets outside the city limits do not appear. In OSM, the streets that don’t show up have a county tag but not a street tag, which matches what I’m seeing.

Shouldn’t the Completed Streets page show all my completed streets, whether they are inside a city or not? That is what the text at the top of the Completed Streets page seems to indicate, but every street on that list has a city subidentifier listed. Is there a trick for getting streets outside of cities (in unincorporated parts of the county, for example) to show up in my Completed Streets?

Thanks for a great tool! Loving using it to organize my routes!

Brad Broyles
Raleigh, NC

If a street is not part of a city included in Citystrides, it’s not counted in your complete street listing, since it’s not known to CS at all.

Thanks for the clarification. Is there a way to make a non-city street “known” to CS, by defining either my own county or zip code as a “city” to track, maybe even just in my profile?

A street cannot exist in CS without a city. Here in Sweden it´s easy, every part of the country is included in one of our 250 cities, so every street is included. But I gather USA is more complicated, so if Abbey Lane is not a part of some kind of ”city” or equivalent, it can’t be imported. You can also check this Adding a City to OpenStreetMap

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Hello Brad. It looks as though the street is defined in Open Street Maps as part of the “Stonehenge” neighbourhood and not part of Raleigh. You said it was outside the city limits so it sounds as though that is right but I don’t know enough about the area to know whether Stonehenge should be it’s own city or part of something else. As well as needing to exist in Open Street Maps, cities need to be included in the data that is pulled into CityStrides in order to appear on the list of streets we see in there. There is a spreadsheet where you can add requests for additional cities to be included. Details here How to help with missing/broken cities/regions