My city isn't there (yet?) - how can I run it?

After the global coverage project, all the changes will be made in OSM then CS can be updated at some point.

Check out How to help with missing/broken cities/regions to get background on the current procedure, and check out the CityStrides Roadmap (updated 2020-04-23) post to see what all is being worked on throughout the site.

@JamesChevalier can provide more specific help when he is able.


Thanks @jpbari - yeah, I asked @shukka to post this in here because the conversation started in the Slack channel and I wanted to make sure I didn’t lose it.

I’ve added Luxembourg to the Missing/Broken Cities Tracker & I’m working through that list as fast as I can. :smile:

Would it be possible to add Glendale, Arizona to the bottom of that list? It’s a suburb of Phoenix with ~250K people, I didn’t see it on the spreadsheet, and wasn’t sure you wanted people tinkering in there.

Possibly! Please do add it to the spreadsheet: How to help with missing/broken cities/regions

It would be greatful if you can add Dresden, Saxony, Germany to the City list.

That city is already in the spreadsheet (linked from within the How to help with missing/broken cities/regions thread), and just happens to be importing right now. :smile:

has any progress been made in how to quickly and easily change the cities that are only nodes into bordered relations? I admit that I don’t have the time or expertise to do the OSM edits on these myself, although I would help out if I could. The little bit of reading I have done on it goes right over my head.

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I see the city Dresden Germany in the citydB. I ran there some streets a few years ago. I don’t see myself in the runners list. Is that because the sync is still looking for runs of people matching the streets of a new imported city?

:thinking: I ran the code that should have marked everyone’s progress … I’ll take another look today.

So I think I figured out a way to do this.

If a city exists only as a node, a new “relation” needs to be created in OSM. That relation needs to be named the same as the city/node and the way OSM relations work is they have other OSM objects as “members” The node, as well as a closed set of ways that make up the border need to be in the relation. As for how to tag them so OSM looks at them correctly, I just cheated and copied the next town over when I tried it with one.

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added a city last weekend, I’m new to all of this city strides stuff, wondering how long it generally takes to get one added to city strides? thank you!

After it’s added to my Missing/Broken Cities Tracker, it’s just up to me to actually look in there and do the work. :sweat_smile:

Oh ok gotcha, well I added ellensburg, was there is open streets data :grin:

Hello, I have added Kenilworth, Warwickshire, UK to the missing/broken cities tracker. I hope you can add this the system. So I can run my home town.

Thanks, Will

Thanks for posting - I have a recurring task each month to add more cities/countries, but sometimes I need to be reminded. :sweat_smile: I’ve got another batch of 18 cities going in now, Kenilworth included.


Amazing thanks for updating it so quickly!

@JamesChevalier Do you mind to add
Belfast, Northern Ireland and Belgrade, Serbia
Thank you

See Belfast not progressed - #8 by JamesChevalier

@JamesChevalier I added Howth (Sutton) Ireland to that spreadsheet as well. Hoping that will be added soon! Thank you for all you do. I’m totally obsessed with progressing streets/cities.

There are a couple usable Howths (there needs to be a boundary, it cannot be a single node) -

Looks like it could be any one of these: