Where did my City Go? Also Lifetime Map is Gone

I was 70+% complete with my city of East Hampton CT. Now I am defaulted to Stonington CT…what happend??

Also, when I click Lifetime Map…I get a blank window.


As part of the global coverage project, your defaults may have changed. Check your account settings to see what your default map view is set to.

If your progress has disappeared, your account may not have gotten updated as part of that project correctly, send a direct message to @JamesChevalier with your user number and he’ll get you sorted out.

How long did you wait for your life map to populate? the standard map can sometimes take a little to load, especially if you have a lot of streets.

Hopefully this helps.


Thanks for the reply jpbari. I waited about 5 minutes for it to load to no avail. I tried on different days, different PCs.

As far as my default city goes, East Hampton was listed, now it is just gone. I will take your advice and reach out to James.

Thanks!! KG

East Hampton, CT needs some updates in OpenStreetMap to be included in CityStrides: How to help with missing/broken cities/regions