Townships in rural Minnesota

I live in rural Minnesota and my city is about 3 square miles. So I finished all that and been running next city over. I noticed that the townships streets dont count towards anything. There is 3 townships that connect to my city. Marysville (which is 2 blocks from my house) woodland, and Franklin. Is there a way they can be added? Alot of Minnesota has townships.

The best way to help is to get the missing cities into the spreadsheet: How to help with missing/broken cities/regions

Just quickly searched and it looks like Marysville is the only one that won’t be a simple import.

Franklin: Franklin, Minnesota - CityStrides
Woodland: Woodland, Minnesota - CityStrides

Ok added to the spreadsheet. I am still very new with this. So was unsure what to do. Franklin and Woodland Townships…not cities. They are different. I know Marysville is really weird boarders, all are farms that are just not anexed into the city yet…Or acre properties like the ones 2 blocks from me.

Franklin already exists in CityStrides: Franklin, Minnesota - CityStrides
Woodland already exists in CityStrides: Woodland, Minnesota - CityStrides
My understanding of Marysville is that it exists within Waverly, which already exists in CityStrides: Waverly, Minnesota - CityStrides

No Franklin the city is not the same as Franklin Township. They are 61 miles apart
Woodland the City is not the same as woodland Township they are I think 30 miles apart.

Marysville township is not a part of Waverly. It’s like they circle around the 2 cities of Montrose and Waverly.

A township is not apart of the city they are the rural areas and dont pay city taxes, they have their own town halls too. I included Google maps screen shot.

Ah, interesting!

I searched around in (the search interface for and couldn’t find any of the Township places. They’re not even present as Nodes (single points), so OSM doesn’t know anything about those places.
There have been instances where I’ve been unable to find a place, and someone else has been able to - so maybe someone reading along will be able to help out. :man_shrugging:

The Marysville Township website - - lists its Town Hall address as within Waverly. :grimacing:

Thanks for sharing all this info - I’ve learned a bunch.

Yeah I went and searched on OSM for the townships before posting on here. I was trying to figure out why so many streets I had done didnt count. But they are on google so I was confused…you can see the city boarders.
This website helps as you can see the cities in yellow but they rest is the townships in the County. See in Wisconsin they call them villages. So even more confusing.
The Marysville townhall has a Waverly address…only because of mailing address and which post office then delivers the mail. But as you can see its outside the city boarder.

See how on this run I ran on 56th and on Endicott Ave SW (between the 2 lakes) I didnt realize these were not apart of Waverly. Missie Jacobson's Activity on July 4, 2020 - CityStrides

Is there a way to have Linwood Township, MN also added? It is located in the very North Eastern corner of Anoka County. It is directly North of Columbus, MN and East of East Bethel.
Let me know if additional information.
Also sorry to be a tack on to an earlier request!
Thank you!

@zbrown4 you want to help out on this one?

Luckily Linwood Township is already drawn, so I just added it to the spreadsheet for James to import.

Thank you, Missie & Zach, for getting this going! Thank you, James, in advance for getting this added! I look forward to seeing it soon!

Hello @JamesChevalier - I am new at requesting maps to be updated. What steps do I need to follow in requesting the above mentioned Linwood Township added/exposed to CityStrides?
Thank you!