Now Testing: City street/node updates

Hi James,
I’m new here, loving it and already addicted and trying to contribute with neatening up my area on OSM.

I was wondering if you would know if my 7500+ street city of Bradford has any nested cities in the update? Bradford, England - CityStrides
or Calderdale (as i live on the border of both Calderdale, England - CityStrides)

I was working on my own nested village of Queensbury, i’m not sure it’s done correctly yet, as i can’t work out how to add an admin-center which is the only thing missing from my comparison, but hopefully other Yorkshiremen have been on the case and got changes queued up before me.

Your site is amazing, thank you!

It doesn’t look like Bradford has any nested cities. It would have a tab for those, like in Greater London, England - CityStrides

Overall the update process is automatic - the system iterates through all active cities ordered by their last updated date.

Someone here in the forum might be able to help with that. Feel free to make a new post in #support “How do I add an admin-center in OSM”

Cheers James, I was speaking to someone on OSM and they were saying about how what I had added was a Ward (i believe the definition is something to do with boundaries for voting) and so I had to change the boundary type from administrative to political and the admin centre was no longer applicable.

Do you know what criteria is used to pull through and be regarded as a city (or nested city)?
I was looking at Alwoodley: Alwoodley, England - CityStrides which is a nested city of Leeds, and on OSM, there didn’t seem to be anything special about it that I could see that didn’t exist on other places . For example, another place on OSM is Clayton, a next door neighbour to Queensbury, and it is set up over there similar to Alwoodley, but it isn’t pulled through to City Strides as a city or nested city. There is probably some quality or attribute that one has over the other that i’m not seeing, but i can’t work it out.


From what I understand, there is no automated way that a new city (or nested city) is entered into CityStrides. The initial creation of a city is a manual process. For more information about how one gets added, check out Adding a City to OpenStreetMap.

Brilliant, i’ll get reading through it. Sorry, I was checking in support and never thought to check the wiki, but i’ll camp out there now. Thank you!

And once it’s in OSM, you need to add it to the spreadsheet for CS. That’s described here: How to help with missing/broken cities/regions


How ‘nested cities’ was determined:
A while back I ran some one-off code that would search for cities where their border was entirely within another city. So, both cities needed to be present in CityStrides and cityA needed to be entirely within cityB.


I get the nested city part, but is it OSM that define what a city is, so you don’t need to know the actual criteria of what makes one?
I’ll add Queensbury to the excel sheet and see if it pulls through successfully in the future, if so, i can then crack on with my whole area; it’d be great to break up the 2 mega cities i straddle into more manageable town-sized chunks!

OSM defines a geographic area, like a city, like a ward, lie a district, etc. But CS needs to know which of these defined areas need to be imported. OSM is not the most consistent in it’s definitions across national boundaries, so it would be difficult to automate the selection of which areas should be imported.

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Is CS still pulling in the updates from OSM or has that been stopped?

I tried a few random places in the Netherlands and US and the latest updates were all from begin october untill begin November. Which is up to three months ago. So, much longer then the “cycle of a month” indicated in this thread.

Or does the cycle take longer (like >4 months) with the latest changes applied?

Just curious. Great work anyhow. Enjoying the CS-fun while living the pandemic.


I have just seen that my local area has just updated yesterday which is great! However, I have a question on what OSM updates have/haven’t pulled through.

If I look at a change that I made in OSM on 2nd December this has successfully come in to CS

However, if I look at a change I made a few days later (13th Dec) then this hasn’t made it’s way across in the update:

Is there a lag between the change occurring in OSM and then being in the file that you pull through or is there anything “odd” with my changes (there are some other examples). Have got a bit obsessed with fixing as many red roads as I can in my local area off of so great to see some of them now in (now to see if it has turned any of my roads to not complete as a result!)


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From what I understand it was stopped, but it seems it is starting up again, as I have seen several posts to that affect, like the one above.

I don’t think we ever got a definitive answer on what the interval will be. There was even an idea to make it “by request”, or based on actual strider activity in the city. But AFAK, and have read, we don’t know.

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I think that’s a good idea, making the interval sorted by “cities with more streets completed/progressed by supporters”, if that can be easily calculated

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I was about to ask the same question as Liverpool hadn’t been updated since the beginning of October. But a new update has just completed so including three months of OSM updates, so I’m a happy bunny! :rabbit:

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Keeping my fingers crossed for an Islington update soon then! By my reckoning I’ve only got 2 streets to go, but CS tells me 47! Hopefully an update will remove the ones I’ve made private in OSM and iron out the bugs of a load of completed ones showing as incomplete. Though I imagine there will suddenly be some new ones spring up too!

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Good to hear that cities are starting to update again. I’m hoping it doesn’t take too long to cycle through the rest of the cities.

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It is currently one October 10/11 and going a bit faster than a day at a time (so maybe a 28 day cycle). That is my back of the envelope observation.

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Oh so a city that was last updated on 13/10/2020 should be done in 2-3 days? That‘a good to know, thanks!

The update code back up and running … it was off for a while - can’t recall exactly, maybe November to late December?

When I turned things back on I noticed that my OSM data server (I self-host an Overpass API server) was broken. That’s why some cities got updated but didn’t include recent OSM changes. That’s fixed now, though.

It appears to be going through 50-100 cities per hour. I think it can go faster - it’s mainly held up by the reprocessing that has to occur after cities are updated.

I’m not certain if the “zero nodes” issue is resolved.


Yes, I would expect it very soon based on what I have seen in cities I track.

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