I need help understanding Vilnius, Lithuania in OSM

Someone added Vilnius, Lithuania to the How to help with missing/broken cities/regions list:

The “Vilniaus apskritis” county consists of the capital city “Vilnius” and surrounding regions. The surrounding regions are present in Citystrides and their streets have nodes, but the “Vilnius” city itself is missing from search and streets are missing nodes.

Vilnius ( https://www.openstreetmap.org/relation/1529146 ) is not present in CityStrides because it exists at admin level 8 & I imported regions from admin level 4 & cities from admin level 6 ( https://citystrides.com/countries/113 ).

I can import this, but this looks very large & I wonder if that’s the correct decision. Does it make more sense to import the places at admin level 10 within Vilnius?

List of places at admin level 10

Senamiesčio seniūnija
Naujamiesčio seniūnija
Žvėryno seniūnija
Vilkpėdės seniūnija
Panerių seniūnija
Lazdynų seniūnija
Karoliniškių seniūnija
Pilaitės seniūnija
Justiniškių seniūnija
Pašilaičių seniūnija
Fabijoniškių seniūnija
Šeškinės seniūnija
Viršuliškių seniūnija
Šnipiškių seniūnija
Žirmūnų seniūnija
Verkių seniūnija
Antakalnio seniūnija
Naujininkų seniūnija
Naujosios Vilnios seniūnija
Rasų seniūnija

Taking another look at Lithuania, was I correct in importing Lithuania as admin level 6? After some quick searches, it’s looking more like admin level 8… With the added import of admin level 10 within Vilnius.


it was me who added Vilnius to docfile. Yes, Vilnius is capital so it’s quite large and adding it as one unit may not be the best. Indeed this list of places at admin level 10 would be a much better choice.
As for Lithuania as a whole itself… I’m looking at bigger cities on OSM maps and yes, division by level 8 admin_level would be better.


@Ivan: You are basically saying that admin level 8 is correct for Lithuania including Vilnius but that having the admin level 10 for Vilnius would be nice because it is easier to finish some city district than the whole city.
I think James will get many of those wishes now that he has implemented the nested cities, so he has to decide if he goes this way or not since the same situation arises in literally hundreds of cities already on CS and on many more cities that are not yet on CS.

My point is simple: if admin level 8 correctly describes Vilnius, this is the admin level that has to be imported to CS with the highest priority. The admin level 10 may be seen as user-friendly, and maybe James will import it for you, but this is not the truth. And with the node hunter, it will be much more fun to run in Vilnius anyway no matter the city completion percentage.

@JamesChevalier: thanks in advance for importing admin level 8 for Vilnius before I travel there. :rofl:
It would be great to have all country capitals imported in CS. That leads me to a slightly off-topic question: do you know how many countries have cities in CS right now?

I don’t see why there would be any issue with having both a higher-level and lower-level boundary in the system.

I make it around 70 countries with cities in CS at the moment. The coverage is pretty good in Western Europe with only the microstates missing, a bit more patchy in Eastern (missing Romania, Moldova and Balkan states).

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Thank you!
I’m going to delete all the existing cities (which were incorrectly imported from admin level 6) … then import all of admin level 8 … then import the admin level 10 places as nested within Vilnius.

As far as global coverage goes… Yeah, there are people running in 70 countries right now.
I’m slowly working through the Countries to Import sheet. It takes a bit of effort, figuring out which admin level the Regions exist at & which admin level the Cities exist at.


Oof, it took me a year but I’m finally wrapping this up today.

  • I left the admin level 6 cities in place
  • I imported admin level 8 & marked them as nested
  • There were some bogus admin level 8 places which had no streets in OSM; I deleted those
  • I imported admin level 10 in Vilnius & marked them as nested

Vilnius is there. Now we need the same for Bucharest (Romania) and Tbilisi (Georgia) :wink: