A Coruña-Galicia-Spain is missing in city list


My runs in A Coruña are not showing in the list of cities.


Any solution?

It seems A Coruña is not yet added to CityStrides. As described in this stickied forum post, you can add cities to the spreadsheet to ensure James will get around to adding them. I’ve taken the liberty of adding it for you, since that’s probably not straightforward if you don’t happen to know OSM. I do not know what timescale we’re looking at from adding to spreadsheet to actually adding it to CS.

PS: Odd how every other city in the area has been added to CS already. Unsure how this one slipped through the cracks.

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Thank you so much

Sorry I never posted in here to finalize things, but I did end up adding it: A Coruña, Galicia - CityStrides

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