City names on maps to be links

Had this idea while looking at my LifeMap, admiring a completed city, and looking at nearby cities. Rather than searching for those cities, thought it would be super cool if I could just click a name and have that city open, maybe even in a new window.

Also, searching for cities on the phone is unintuitive for me. I forget exactly why I think this but (layout I think), but I recall struggling a bit. This idea would make searching less necessary when exploring via the CS maps.

Maybe cities that are not in CS, could link to the Wiki for how to add a city?

This is also good info on adding a city to OSM: Adding a City to OpenStreetMap

You can always use node hunter, click on a node, and then click on the city name on the node pop-up. It’s not the exact same as what you’re asking but I think it gets the job done.


It looks like this is technically possible… I can listen to clicks on specific layers and take action based on the name that’s present in the layer data. This would mean that I can also e.g. send you to the country page when clicking on a country’s name or the region page when clicking on the region’s name.

The immediate worries that come to mind that prevent me from diving into this…
A) This is a lot of hidden behavior which can easily lead to a “why am I suddenly on the city page?!” situations where the answer isn’t easily provided
B) This interaction can’t interfere with other interactions (Route Builder, Node Hunter, etc) which makes this feature Dangerous™ … This doesn’t block me, but it does require me to move very slowly and carefully because screwing this up would seriously affect things in a really bad way
C) The interactions are entirely based on text - the name - so if it doesn’t exactly match what’s in the CityStrides database, there will be problems

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Is what you are looking for similar to Cities/Beta?

I really like this functionality and use it frequently when looking for my next area to tackle.

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