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I know this has probably been asked loads off times, I have completed my city and would like to complete a city next to me, this doesn’t have any nodes.

How do I go about creating nodes and a list for this city?

Thank you

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Which city (and country)?
I might be able to import it from OpenStreetMap (my data source)…

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Caldicot in South Wales UK

Thank you for responding

Ugh, bummer, it seems to only exist as a node, not as a relation that has a border: Node: ‪Caldicot‬ (‪8997358‬) | OpenStreetMap

I’ll still add it to the spreadsheet just in case ( How to help with missing/broken cities/regions )

As far as I can tell, none of the communities/cymunedau have boundary polygons in OSM, which should be mapped at admin_level=10. Only the “principal areas” (admin_level=6) in Wales are present in the map.

Thank you for looking into this for me.

Actually, on further inspection, these boundaries ARE all on the map. They got added three weeks ago.

Example, Caldicot: Relation: ‪Caldicot‬ (‪11004441‬) | OpenStreetMap

Apologies for hijacking this topic, however, I have tried to import Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia into the spreadsheet following the tasks. There is a note in the Missing/Broken Cities Tracker spreadsheet (Cell G2) that individual towns could be added. Is it possible to add Rockhampton for me? Thanks in advance.

I searched for Rockhampton and only found a Node record Node: ‪Rockhampton‬ (‪2014326094‬) | OpenStreetMap so it looks like this town also doesn’t exist in OSM.

Queensland, Australia is incredibly sparse in OSM. I’m not sure why it has so few cities/towns.

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See this post about why we can’t import our State Government’s boundary data:

Much appreciated for looking into it.

Hello James

Is there any way to add Letchworth Garden City in Hertfordshire England? It is included in North Hertfordshire as I have mentioned your site to a friend on facebook

Thank you

Unfortunately it looks like it only exists in OpenStreetMap as a Node.
It can go into How to help with missing/broken cities/regions though, someone might be able to help.

Hi! I’m on vacation in Supply, NC (a neighboring rural community to Holden Beach). I notice on my run today that I completed no streets — actually I completed several. So then I noticed that I can’t find any streets or the town of Supply in my profile. Can Supply NC be added?

Unfortunately, it seems to only exist in OSM as a Node: Node: ‪Supply‬ (‪157637668‬) | OpenStreetMap

I’ve added it to the list, though How to help with missing/broken cities/regions

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I’ve been trying to play with OSM for a while because there are several townships/cities around me that CS does not recognize. I added them to the spreadsheet, but not sure if there is anything more I can do on my end. Cities include Deptford Twp, Mantua Twp, National Park Borough, and Mickleton (all in New Jersey)

Did you see this? Adding a City to OpenStreetMap