Belfast not progressed

I ran in Belfast, Northern Ireland last week.
The Streets is on the map, but had not been completed?

You need to give us a link to your activity and some examples of streets missing. And for us to be able to help you needto set your activities public

You are private so we can’t see your activity. But Belfast Northern Ireland doesn’t appear in the City list so I’m reasonably sure that’s why none of your streets were added. You can add it to the missing city tracker, here is a post with more information about that: How to help with missing/broken cities/regions

Ok thanks
I am going to Belgrade, Serbia next week, and that city is missing to? It is the Capital of the country like Belfast

What matters more than the relative regional importance of any city is whether anyone has actually tried to CityStride in it yet! And the more popular CityStrides gets, the less missing cities there will be :wink:

Belgrade is not in CS either, I guess Serbia is not imported either. You can see which cities are included in the Cities page in top left menu. Cities - CityStrides

All the city & street data comes from OpenStreetMap. What we’re seeing now are some gaps in their coverage.

If you search Nominatim (a good site for searching OSM) for “Belfast United Kingdom”, you’ll see how none of the results are Belfast’s city border. I need that (usually a relation record, sometimes a way record) in order to bring it into CityStrides, so someone will need to create that in OpenStreetMap.

Belgrade, on the other hand, does exist as a usable entry in OSM. I need to figure out how I’m going to handle Kosovo in CityStrides. :sweat_smile:

I also need to figure out what the “Region” level is in Serbia. Based on Wikipedia, it looks like there isn’t one & I’d just have Serbia exist as its own Region (which isn’t too uncommon).
It’s that or create two “Regions” in CityStrides: & Relation: ‪Војводина‬ (‪1279074‬) | OpenStreetMap … I’m not sure that’s correct, though …

It looks like if I bring in admin level 7 & 8, I’ll have full coverage for cities…

Some example of places at admin level 8:

Some examples of places at admin level 7:

Update: I went with Serbia as both the country & region. Град Београд, Србија - CityStrides is still being imported, so it will take some time for everyone’s progress to be fully calculated.

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