Single-Activity Syncing

If you are only missing one activity in CityStrides and it is not present in CityStrides then you can use this feature to add just that one activity to the queue.

Visit your Settings page (in the top right menu) and you’ll notice a new section “Sync Mising Strava Activity”. You can paste in a Strava link for a missing activity & CityStrides will add just that single activity to the queue.

This is useful for people who only have a very small number of missing activities.

This is only available to active supporters and Strava accounts. I’ll expand it out to other services/users if I can.
This does not bypass any queue - it’s placing the single activity sync into the existing queue as displayed in CityStrides

Reply below with problems/questions/suggestions … I hope this helps at least a little - a number of people have mentioned only having one or two missing activities…


James - that is super-awesome. I know you have always had the ability to do this, but I am glad you are giving us the option to do it as well to take some of your load off.

I have tried to do it with the following activity, but it gives me an error saying it is an invalid URL


:musical_note: whooooooops :notes:

Try that again?

It isn’t showing up on the status page yet, but according to the message it went through


I’ve got a 5 minute cache on the Status display … ugh, that’s going to cause confusion …

I was able to see the scheduled job in my admin view, though. :+1:



Let me know if you need any other help.


Super cool! Kudos!

Is this only available to supporters? I can’t see the option in my settings. Thanks

I cannot not find this. I have my strave account connected to citystrides. I only miss one activity from march 30th 2020. More recent activities are already uploaded to citystrides.

Kind regards

Mine is the same, only one activity missing from 29th March, and i ran a lot of new streets so don’t want to miss it!

You are correct.

This worked great for my one missing activity from last week. Thanks!

I added two strava work outs thru new program last night. They were for 3/28 & 3/29 but don’t see in status. All others have come thru.

Thank you,

The status page can be delayed by up to 5 minutes. :frowning: Maybe they’re in there now?

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Brilliant addition - thank you James!

I was able to synch one missing activity from March but the other gives me an error message when I try.

I’d need to know what the error message is in order to help at all.

I entered it again and it worked. Thanks

Strava user, but does not appear in my settings. Missing three dates.

Thanks for your assistance.