Run not synching with Garmin Connect

Hello. I am new to CityStrides. I also paid to be a supporter. My run from yesterday 6/16 is not synching. I clicked Synch now multiple times and didn’t work. Thought that maybe it will happen overnight but it didn’t. I also notice that there are two accounts for me, one with Strava and another one for Garmin, however, I am only using Garmin, I stopped synching from Strava when I noticed that there was a Garmin option. Can you please merge the two accounts and also fix the synch issue?


The ‘sync now’ feature does not work for Garmin, because of some underlying technical details. If you want your full Garmin history imported, you can use the Run History Sync button in your settings page. This can only be used once (I may change this in the future, but there are some technical reasons behind this choice).

For individual activities that are missing, you can use the Single-Activity Syncing feature, also in your settings page. Try that and let me know how it goes.

I can do this if you provide the profile links for both accounts

I was able to download my run from yesterday using the Single Activity Syncing. I notice that there is a refresh issue when you select a specific city. I am running Melrose, MA. In my Profile page, Melrose shows at 14.32%; when I click in the city link, it indicates 11.36%. How can I fix it?

That’s a weird cache issue that will resolve itself.

It is Fixed now