Reply Here If You Have Missing Activities

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PLEASE include a link to your profile page in your reply. PLEASE!
When you do not include a link to your profile, I have to go searching for you.


For non-Garmin accounts: please use the Sync Now menu option in the top right menu before posting here. That will start a sync for your account (except for Garmin accounts; I cannot re-sync Garmin accounts).

For Strava/Garmin accounts: There is a single activity sync feature in your settings page. If you’re missing a single activity, you can try using this to sync it in.

Garmin users

Garmin recently changed their API in a way that breaks re-syncing activities. They only allow activities to be requested once. When you first sign up to CityStrides, I request your full history of activities - none of those activities can be re-requested, so do not delete old activities from CityStrides.

Please see How to edit a run from Garmin if that’s what you’re looking to accomplish.

I’d suggest, before posting here, you try the single activity sync feature in the Settings page. If that displays an error about a duplicate request, then post here with a link to your CityStrides profile and the date of the missing activity.

MapMyFitness users

It’s rare, but CityStrides can lose access to your MapMyFitness account. If you are missing activities:

  • Log out of CityStrides
  • Log back into CityStrides
  • Use Sync Now in the top right menu (if you’re not a subscriber, share your CityStrides profile link in a reply here and I will run that sync for you)


  • Only running/walking/hiking type activities are brought into CityStrides, so if your activity is not categorized this way it will not arrive in CityStrides
  • Replies on this topic are automatically deleted after a month.
  • Revoking access from your tracking service will result in all of your data in CityStrides being deleted … do not revoke access unless you want to leave CityStrides

Does the single activity sync feature in the “Activity Trackers” section of Settings work?

I am a new Garmin user and have tried to import my activities. I have tried the single activity sync feature for each date and some dates display as an error about a duplicate request. Could you please import these from Garmin. Thank you!

The dates missing activities are:

10 July 2022
11 July 2022
12 July 2022
15 July 2022
19 July 2022
20 July 2022
21 July 2022
22 July 2022
23 July 2022
24 July 2022

:thinking: That’s a suspiciously long list of recent dates…

Are these all present in Garmin as one of these activity types?
running, street_running, track_running, trail_running, ultra_run, hiking, walking, casual_walking, speed_walking

Do you have activities prior to July 10, 2022 that you expect to sync into CityStrides as well?

Yes, all activities are marked as “walking” in Garmin. I have no activities prior July 10, 2022.

Thanks for confirming, I’ve sent off the request to Garmin support to have them send the data over again.

My last 11 MapMyFitness walks haven’t synced starting since July 31st. Tried signing in and out again a few times.

Thanks in advance.

I requested a Garmin activity sync yesterday (03/08) at approx 4:30pm but the activity still hasn’t appeared almost 24 hours later.


I’ll need the link to your profile page to get the info I need to send a request to Garmin support.