How to edit a run from Garmin

Here is Garmin’s documentation about trimming an activity.
You will need to delete activity from CityStrides & Garmin Connect in order to get it reprocessed.

  1. Download the raw, original activity file from Garmin Connect and save to your computer. This is a backup in case anything else in the process goes wrong. This will likely be a .zip or .fit file type.

  2. Trim the activity on Garmin Connect and confirm it looks as you want it on Garmin Connect

  3. Download the new trimmed activity from Garmin Connect and save to your computer. This will be used later. Make sure you can tell the difference between this file & the file from step 1. Note: You may need to download the GPX version of activity (vs original). The GPX file may not include some of the advanced data analytics your device recorded during the activity. :man_shrugging:

  4. Delete the activity on CityStrides. This may take a little while to complete. Grab a beverage from fridge as you wait. It is critically important that this activity is removed from CityStrides before proceeding.

  5. Delete the trimmed activity from Garmin Connect

  6. Upload the trimmed activity file to Garmin Connect. This will cause Garmin Connect to re-process the run as a new activity with a new activity ID.

  7. Wait for CityStrides to pick up this new activity from Garmin Connect

  8. Confirm in CityStrides the activity appears trimmed as it did in Garmin Connect

Disclaimer: I have not had to do this myself so recommend trying with a throwaway activity first before doing for an activity you care more about.

NOTE: Do not deauthorize/disconnect access between Garmin & CityStrides as this will delete all your data