Where are my older Garmin activities?

Garmin changed their data access rules on August 1st, 2021. They now only allow access to 5 years of historic data. This is a rolling limit, so the 5 years goes back from whatever “today” is while you’re reading this.

Any activities already synchronized into CityStrides will remain here, unless you delete them.

There may be workarounds along the lines of:

  • Export your data from Garmin
  • Import the data into a service that does not have this data access limitation
  • Connect that service to your CityStrides account within your Settings page
  • Pause that service after the old activities have arrived in CityStrides

Maybe it’s a good time to ask this question:

Would it make sense to have the capability to create a backup of all activities on CityStrides? A person could reload a backup and then syncing would only happen back to the last backup? Is this possible and would this save processing resources on CityStrides @JamesChevalier?

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Meanwhile, i suggest you make your own backup.
I have a backup of all my Gamin activities, over a 1000 files.
The size of the folder is over 400 mb.

I used this script

If your more tech savy than me, visit this page.

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@hjkiddk That’s good info and a good idea!