Garmin sync only back to Oct 2016

Hello to everyone, am new around here and seeking support.
I am trying to sync my history with Garmin as the source.
I have been on it for almost a week now. It did make slow progress at first, but at least it was making progress. Now everything has stopped and it would not fetch any acitivities before Oct 2016. I have tried to request sync, and I guess it is being queued, but nothing happens. Am checking every morning and every evening but zero progress for the last 3 days.
Any idea how to get this moving again? thx!
Or is this normal?

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Welcome to CS!

@JamesChevalier has commented in the past that Garmin historical sync gives him fits about how far back it goes and that it sometimes takes longer than it seems it should.

This post references that that Garmin limits historical sync and will not go back beyond 2016.

I am not sure if there has been any progress on getting around that limit.


Thank you JP for your reply. I guess I will give it a couple more days to see if those older activities show up.
They probably wont… But then, since I have total duplicates between Garmin and Strava, could I pause Garmin and Sync Strava so that City Strides can fetch those older activities? Any issue doing this? Or should I leave for Garmin and Strava sync active at tnhe same time?
HUGE Thanks !

There is no problem with turning on Strava sync to get your history while Garmin Sync is also active. If you leave both active, CS does a check and should only import one copy of each duplicate activity (strava vs garmin)

Once you get all your history in from Strava, you can pause it again to save site load (or you can leave it on Strava sync and pause Garmin)


Thanks so much. I will try that and report here how it goes. thx!

Absolutely incfredible!!! Everything got imported at warp speed! awesome! thx!!
Now the streets completion still needs to be computed it seems and the map updated, but now the data is in City Stride.
Again, thanks a lot!


Thanks for the help @jpbari
I wrote up Where are my older Garmin activities? in the wiki to help clarify

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