About the Support: Activity Issues category (read first)

Report missing activities, activities without a map, partial activities, etc here.
General support issues should go in Support.

I’m going to use this category as a place for you to report any sync issues. I used to move posts over to Archived Synchronization Issues, but that thread became too large - so I created this category.

Strava users: CityStrides recently exceeded their API rate limit, and there are a lot of missing activities as a result. I’m handling the backlog manually, so that I stay below their limits. This is going to take some time. Please hold your sync issue reporting until October - I think I’ll be caught up by then.

Supporters: I have temporarily disabled the “sync now” feature. I need to slowly work through the backlog of missing activities at a manageable pace. Sorry for the trouble.

EVERYONE: Do not de-authorize/revoke CityStrides from having access to your activity tracking service. Doing so deletes all of your data here. Only de-authorize/revoke if you want to leave CityStrides.

Activities with missing maps: Delete the Activity (while viewing it, there should be a Delete Activity [ID] entry in the menu) and the next sync should bring it back in correctly. If you have too many of these, let me know - I’ve got a script that’ll do the whole process in seconds.

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