Single-Activity Syncing

Hi there!

I have a new activity that was not syching and I tried this feature, but it did not work. I did not get any error messages, but the confirmation that my activity has been added to the queue. The activity does not show in Home, LifeMap or Status.

It has been
4,5 hours since the activity was upload
1,5 hours since the first try to add manually to queue
0,5 hours since the second try to add mannually to the queue

Anything I can do?


Run missing. Thank you!

That’s not how it’s working. Read first post

This one is fixed now. Thanks!

I have 3 runs missing. It shows on status I have none pending in queue so I tried this manual option. I get a response in each url that the activity is already in queue. Nothing has synced for me since Friday. I’m really confused as to where I actually stand

This is same for me. Saturday I could see under the Strava Sync that I had two activities in the queue, but they were not added, but when I tried to add them to the queue with this method (I am a supporter) it said they were already in the queue.

Love City Strides, and I know stuff happens. It’ll get sorted out I’m sure.

The queue is too large to be able to show / check for individual activities on-page. The message you are receiving when attempting to sync the activity is correct, though.

There are ~11k supporter activities in the queue.

I don’t know if it would help for you to message Strava about increasing the API limit for CityStrides

In the meantime, I’m working on the Garmin integration. I don’t know what percentage of CityStrides users are only using Strava because there’s no current Garmin support, so I don’t know how much this will actually alleviate the problem, but it’s a move I have to make either way.

I’m entirely overwhelmed with the activity in this forum, so please don’t take offense if I don’t reply further to this thread. :flushed:


I’m guessing a huge number of people use an external device that then uploads to Strava - getting Garmin integration would be huge. Thanks for your work on this!

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James, CityStrides is awesome and you are too. Thanks for all your work.

Just wanted to add the data point that I too have two Strava activities (from 4/11 and 4/12) that have sync’d but not posted. No rush, sounds like you’re on it. I just love seeing them post and watching my %complete creep up, bit by bit :slight_smile:

Oh, and I wrote to Strava to ask them to increase the API limits!

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My only concern about Garmin integration is the act of switching from Strava to Garmin. Unless you also create some way of turning off my Strava connection when I switch to Garmin, then every activity will be synced from both sources. So while my activities would show up faster, I would still be blocking the Strava users who can’t switch over. This wouldn’t be optimal for the site.

Perhaps you can set up synchronization so that only one data source is active. When I connect through Garmin, the site stops picking up my Strava activities and only picks up my data through Garmin. But it doesn’t clear out all my old activities from Strava. Otherwise you’ll create another bottleneck on Garmin. (Also, on a personal level, I’m not sure that all of my activity is on Garmin. I think I tried to import my Google Fit activity, but I’m not sure it’s all there.)

I created a different thread about alternatives services. Lets take that discussion over there to keep things on-topic

Are there API issues that need to be looked into? I could ask some of my friends who are working on some big data projects for their expertise if you want to chat with them.

The issue is that the limit from Strava is too low for the number of people using CityStrides & how CityStrides operates (the purpose of the site being that it uses your full history of running/walking activities to see which streets you’ve progressed/completed).

  • There are a total of 12,643 Strava-connected accounts
  • The growth rate has been between 56-227 new Strava-connected accounts per day (2,461 new accounts connected since March 18)
  • Each new activity ‘costs’ 2 API calls
  • Each historic activity ‘costs’ 1 API call for each 100 activities for a user plus 1 API for each activity
  • Each login action ‘costs’ 1 API call
  • The daily limit from Strava is 30,000 API calls

We can then figure out what the usage looks like.

  • 12,643 people all create one activity per day * 2 API calls = 25,286 API calls used (4,714 left)
  • Taking an average of 100 new signups per day = 100 API calls used just for the login (4,614 left)
  • I don’t know how many activities each person has (could be anywhere from dozens to tens of thousands) … if it’s 500, then that’s 505 API calls (4,109 left)
  • There are 290k historic activities in the queue (and more that I haven’t yet added to the queue; take a scroll through Reply Here If You Have Missing Activities to get a sense of how many more there likely are) = 290,000 API calls (285,891 over the limit, just for the activities I know are missing)

I think I need 10x the current Strava API limit to handle the current load.

(I updated Reply Here If You Have Missing Activities to include these numbers for easier reference)


Doesn’t seem tenable. Can we help the situation by using other activity trackers for purposes of uploading into CityStrides? I don’t care where the data comes from–it’s just purple lines on a map.

I think this would alleviate a huge chunk of the problem. Out of my running friends, probably < 20% use something other than a garmin watch (including using the Strava app to record).

If you get the garmin integration going I’ll double my monthly supporter “donation” - I suggest anyone else who is frustrated by recent delays in syncing here and who also use Garmin consider upping their support $ a bit to compensate. And if you aren’t a supporter, all the more reason to become one. A $5,000 one time API fee should not be an issue AT ALL with this many users. Couple bucks a month from everyone more than does it.

A $5,000 one time API fee should not be an issue AT ALL with this many users.

There’s no API access fee any more. It’s just time spent coding, now.


You might need an extra server to process the hundreds or thousands of full syncs to Garmin :slightly_smiling_face:

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You don’t need 10x the current Strava API limit to handle the current load.

As long as the limit is higher than the average number of API calls, the queue should converge to 0, but it will take A LOT of time to get there.

In practice, everything less than 120.000 Strava API calls/day won’t help.

On the other hand, Europeans runners I know from different countries mostly use Garmin devices, and Garmin market share is probably not smaller on the home market (USA), so I really hope the future Garmin API will help.

Is it possible to have an option to flag and remove irrelevant Strava activities from our status list? I am doing a lot more cross training right now so there is a bunch of cycling and weight training activities often sitting in my queue that could be omitted to save on API calls.