Double Import

Noticed lately (still newish around here) that im getting a lot of duplicate imports. Im wondering if this is a pervasive issue that may be contributing to the massive strava backlog. At first i thought maybe it was because i had both Strava and Runkeeper synced, but when i click on each activity they are both Strava links.

I’m seeing the same Tim. Not every run but several.

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agreed, not every run. curious.

Any chance either of these activities were also pushed through the Single-Activity Syncing feature?

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@JamesChevalier while i have done some manual pushing of other activities with the single-activity feature, i’m 95% certain i didnt do it for those 3 highlighted in the OP, and 100% certain i didnt do a single activity push for the one currently in queue from yesterday’s run.

James I haven’t purposely hit sync lately so not to tie up system. I know week ends are super busy. I had issue with double loading when I temporarily had Strava and Map My Run linked. Did that to get “most” of my old stuff. Then fenied MMR. But last few uploads have shown doubles?

. If it was doubling every run I would think settings in MMR changed?


Just confirmed that I have two webhooks for the same activity, 10 seconds apart. Both are create events. Fucking :trophy: Strava. :man_facepalming:

The update, delete, etc events do not get pushed to this queue; so at least that is working properly :grimacing:


Here is my run from 4/18 & 4/19. These two should finalize my town. Did not double sync or force thru manually.

. This image was just now.

Thank you again for all your work on this. CS has helped me thru the past month of the “NEW” normal way of life.


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I have double activities in the scheduled activities. Is it normal that bicycle rides also get scheduled?

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I’m having the same issue as Joost, one of my non-running activities (kayaking) is in the scheduled list.

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Yeah, those go in the queue but get discarded after seeing that they’re non-run/walk


Yeah - you only get to use 30k API calls a day, but we’re gonna send a bunch of duplicate web-hooks and take up all your calls


At least it’s not me updating my :athletic_shoe:s in Strava! I’m not that fast :laughing:!

Looking for the other post where I shared links. I won’t bother replying there, unless you ask for more info. I’m still going to wait on updating my shoes though.

Hope those dup entries aren’t hurting the API count.

Is it easy to detect and delete these duplicates? Block them from even showing up in the first place? For example Strava won’t let you post activities that overlap or are dupes I believe. I have dupes from whatever error you just uncovered as well as a MapMyFitness manual load that duplicates with the same activity on Strava when it eventually makes it way in.

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I have a pair that have uploaded this morning, both the same route, is there a way to remove the se one one?

Yeah, top right menu has a delete option when viewing the activity


My run for today is listed on the status page as a double entry as well!