Fixing GPS errors

I’ve got a couple runs with those long, straight, wonky lines from GPS errors where I apparently lost signal and reacquired signal later. I manually split the run in Strava into three segments, deleting the jagged section that remained. The error remained on my lifemap, however. I followed the advice from a previous thread in 2015 and deleted the activity from my lifemap, (it was activity 8252084). When Strava re-syncs, will this run sync again without that jagged GPS error? I’ve got another GPS error in my map as well.

I’ve completed those streets multiple times, so I’m not worried about losing their completion, just want the error removed for aesthetic reasons.

Yeah it will sync again after either a full account sync or by Single-Activity Syncing

Thanks a bunch, man!

I cannot find the post referred yeti on removing gps errors. I have some from the recent Garmin synch and a couple old ones from strava. About 6