Deleted Activity Not Resyncing

I accidentally deleted an activity which is not showing up back after a resync. I know you’ve answered this question here before, but is there a way to get this activity back? Thanks in advance!

If it’s removed from CityStrides, a sync will bring it back in unless if it’s not marked as a run/walk or if it has no GPS data. I just started a sync to try that out.
There is some heavy background job load right now, so some things are slowed down.

So I’ve completed another activity after the deleted one and synced my account, still no dice. I’ve also checked Strava to make sure its not marked as another activity type. What else can I try?

Maybe the single activity sync feature - Single-Activity Syncing

If you share the Strava link for the activity, and its date (just in case it’s private), I can manually walk through the sync code to figure out why CityStrides is ignoring it.

Good to go, Single Activity Sync worked. Thank you!