Did I lose pending Strava activities when switching to Garmin?

I followed the instructions and paused my Strava sync without thinking of the pending activities that were backlogged. Will those at some point upload or is there a way to re-sync with Strava from the last few weeks to catch up with the missing activities? Hopefully one of you pros can answer this!

Thank you!

The pause affects anything in the queue as well, by design, so that the queue can immediately be decreased when the service is paused.

History syncing will arrive within a couple weeks, at which point all the activities will come through via Garmin.

Nothing is lost, just delayed (probably less delayed than they were, so).


Great thanks! So it will all pull from Garmin once you get it squared away? Excited for the quicker turn around in the future. Thanks for your hard work!

Should I pause my Garmin connection if I don’t want my full history imported?

This is all very confusing, what happens to my Strava activities? Do they all duplicate with Garmin? Strava is my single source of truth since 2016 where largely it duplicates Garmin but I’ve also used the Strava app and Runkeeper at times when my watch was dead or forgotten. I guess I should write a script myself to figure out differences.

No, we want Garmin to be the source. We want to stop using Strava as an unnecessary middleman between Garmin & CityStrides.
The history syncing is an entirely different conversation. I just got access to that capability today, so none of that is built out yet. I’ll be adding a post in the forum to open up the discussion about whether people want their full history synced in or not.

I may need more context to accurately answer. Let me know if I’m off the mark here…
Nothing happens to existing activities in CityStrides. Pausing a service immediately stops any new activities from being created in CityStrides from that service. Anything in the queue for a paused service will be skipped when it’s their turn.

When a notification for a new Garmin activity comes in (this also happens to be the way that history syncing will work, but that’s a technical detail), it is skipped if there is already an activity in CityStrides with the exact same start time. This handles the scenario where an activity is in CityStrides already, due to a Garmin->Strava/Runkeeper/MapMyFitness connection.

We view this differently. I see the single source of truth as the app/device that recorded the activity.


Will CS eventually allow syncing from multiple sources? Let’s say I have a Garmin watch, and 99/100 activities I use that but 1/100 I forget it and use Strava on my phone. I have my Garmin linked to Strava automatically. I have both Garmin and Strava linked to CS. For now I have Strava paused, but if I did unpause it would there be a way to only pull in certain activities I know aren’t on Garmin to CS so it doesn’t bloat the Strava queue looking at and discarding activities because they already have come in through Garmin to CS?

Yup! Single-Activity Syncing

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Gotcha! But not wise to do this yet for activities we’re missing that are on Strava because it would require unpausing Strava and add the to the queue overload, right?

I could make it so activities submitted through that form ignored the paused setting… if that sounds useful to you, please make a new post in #ideas for this & we can see how many people agree (and keep me from forgetting about this idea :smile:)


Done and done!

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@JamesChevalier Thanks for your answers. I have some more questions related to how various services interact and what happens with duplicates, pausing, unpausing, deleting etc which probably make sense for a wiki at some point. I do have 3000+ Garmin activities in my account if that is helpful for testing at some point.

The biggest issue is Strava, and it’s unrealistically low API limits. Using Strava to connect to City Strides in any way if you have another option merely continues to block access to other users who have no other option.

The best option for those activities that are done without your watch would be a single activity input option, either through Strava or by uploading a gpx file directly to City Strides. Find the pertinent posts on the idea forum and vote for your preferred solution.

For anyone wanting to vote, here’s the link to the idea: Have Single-Activity Syncing Work with Paused Syncing

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