This is the thread for Advanced LifeMap problems

Supporters Only

Lately there have been some issues where the advanced LifeMap that Supporters have access to disappears or strangely breaks. :scream:
I’ve made some decently large changes that I want to keep an eye on. :male_detective:

Let me know if your advanced LifeMap disappears, or you notice performance issues (I’m guessing things like the purple lines taking longer to draw on the map, maybe), or if it takes a lot longer to regenerate (although, make sure to double check the status page).

Please Provide This Information

  • Your profile link
  • The date of your newest activity in CityStrides
  • Roughly the last date you looked at your LifeMap
  • How soon after your newest activity in CityStrides are you now viewing your LifeMap?
  • For you newest activity - did you have more than one activity that day?

What I’m trying to figure out is whether or not creating the new activity is the thing that breaks the LifeMap. Each time an activity is saved, the LifeMap is regenerated - so I’m expecting that this regeneration sometimes fails.


Likely the tile generation delay CityStrides

I’m going through massive growing pains right now; Strava increased the API rate limit, which allows me to import 4.5x the number of activities, but It Turns Out™ that the system required to handle that load is quite different than the system I built to handle the old load :flushed: :sweat_smile:

For anyone else reading along - your link (from the top right menu) is much more helpful (keeps me from having to manually visit the Users page & search for you by name)