How Long Does Lifemap Sync Take

When I do “sync now,” my new activities show up in my profile but the lines do not show up on my lifemap for quite awhile. The lines aren’t showing when I look at it on both my iphone and mac. I’m not sure how long it should be taking - should the lines show up on the map at the same time the activities show up in my profile? Tonight it took around 4 hours for the lifemap to reflect the new activity. Is that normal?

I’ve tried refreshing, clearing the cache, logging out and logging back in. I have been using Runkeeper. My profile is Lissa - CityStrides.

I did see a thread with users describing a similar issue, but it was closed.

I have the same question. How long does it take for my runs to show up? So far it seems erratic.

It should be pretty fast (minutes?).
Supporters have LifeMap Advanced, which handles the underlying data in a totally different way. It ends up being way faster and more powerful, but there have been some hiccups along the way.

The most common issues are either the whole LifeMap disappearing or it taking a while for new activities to draw. This is the thread for Advanced LifeMap problems is a bit of a catch-all thread for reporting issues.

On the Status page, the “LifeMap Delay” graph is displaying any delay in generating those. It’s typically a very small delay, and if something went terribly wrong then the next update I’d expect to fix things would be when you save your next activity. This makes me wonder about the 4 hour delay you saw (it doesn’t seem to line up with anything that I can think might happen).

There have been issues recently ( Server issues March 21 ~7-9pm Eastern Time ) so any odd behavior on the 21st & 22nd could be caused by those issues.

I can say that logging out/in isn’t going to help in this issue (it can help in situations where activities aren’t syncing into CityStrides).
The fact that you had the same experience on two devices tells me that it’s not a browser cache issue - so that helps me.

Debugging this is quite difficult - I need to have the issue reported to me and be available to look into it at that moment. :sweat:

I get this issue regularly, sometimes it takes almost 24h for an activity to show up on the lifemap (otherwise fully processed). I’ve noticed it more on weekend runs, and the status page shows no significant delays. I don’t bother reporting it since the lifemap gets updated eventually, but happy to send notice next time it happens.

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Thanks, James. Last night it showed up within minutes. I can let you know next time I notice but understand it may be hard for you to see the message in time to look at it before it syncs. I’m a new supporter so it’s helpful to know it should be faster. It does always show up eventually though.

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Very odd… Do you have another activity created in the meantime? Something like:

  • Go run ActivityA
  • ActivityA not appearing in the LifeMap
  • Go run ActivityB
  • See ActivityA in the LifeMap

Oh, when I refer to the speed here I’m referring to your experience in the browser - zooming/panning or otherwise interacting with the map. The standard LifeMap can fail or even cause browser crashes if you have more activities than your device can handle (usually in the thousands, and it varies from device to device).

It’s doing it right now if you are able to look at it in time. Shows in my profile but not on my map.

Alright, I was able to see that the file that holds this map data was last created a little after your last activity’s timestamp. So that lines up with the job actually running and Doing Things™.
I’ve copied that file down to my computer, and I’ve started the LifeMap regeneration for your account - so you don’t have to wait for me to debug stuff.

The only idea I have right now doesn’t make any sense at all so I’m hoping I can poke around in this file and find something “better”. :sweat_smile: I’ll let you know when I have more…

Thanks for looking into it! I also noticed the nodes in the node finder disappeared on my life map showing they’re completed, but the lines weren’t showing on the map. (Before you refreshed it.) In case that helps.

@JamesChevalier for troubleshooting purposes: my activity from today has yet to appear on my lifemap, it’s been 4+ hours, status page shows no delays. Just_one_more_street's Activity on April 5, 2021 - CityStrides

:thinking: ok, so your User record was last updated at 2021-04-05 11:09 UTC and this matches your map file as well as the creation time if your last activity (2021-04-05 11:08 UTC) … so the process is definitely running & generating files.

It’s :man_shrugging: not getting that activity from the database when it’s building that tile data? I’ll include a delay in the next release to see if superstition solves things… :sweat_smile:

No idea what’s going on :man_shrugging:, it’s not a big deal since everything shows up eventually, I just find it odd that it doesn’t match with the status page… Is it helpful to keep posting activities with thus behaviour should it happen again or do you have everything you need?

It won’t help right now but it will help after the next release goes out. I’ll post here when I do that.

One thing that would be helpful for me to understand around the word “eventually” is whether the LifeMap just happens to be up to date at some later time/day … or if it’s explicitly connected to saving another activity into CityStrides.
I’d expect (if what I’m chasing right now is correct) that the LifeMap would not be corrected until your next saved activity.

No new activity, it just updates at some point. The amount of time it takes varies, but nearly always before I track my next activity.

Same for me. Updates later that day or the next day with no new activity.

:scream_cat: erf … ok … :thinking: seems to pair with This is the thread for Advanced LifeMap problems - #135 by JamesChevalier as well
thanks for confirming your experience @lissasnyders

So this all feels more like a browser cache issue, as opposed to an issue with the build itself. The LifeMap generation only occurs once, after an activity is saved. I’ve got some changes that’ll go in the next release that try to forcefully avoid any possible browser caching. I’ll post here after the next release, and we can see if it’s fixed or not… :crossed_fingers:


Mine updated immediately tonight!

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I just wanted to chime in and say that my map almost NEVER updates right away. It often takes 3-4 days. I don’t worry about it, because they do eventually show up, but it sounds like this isn’t normal. I’ll often track 3-4 runs during the week, and then they all seem to show up at once.
As an example, I did a run yesterday morning with my cousin that hasn’t shown up yet, but it showed up on her map last night.

Not to go back to an old topic, but my map has started doing the behavior you describe here. Synced an activity 2/12/22. It didn’t show those lines on my map until I synced a new activity today 2/20/22. And today’s activity doesn’t show on the map (maybe not until I sync another activity?). Today’s activity marked nodes complete and streets completed, just not showing the lines on my life map. Not a huge deal but I use the life map to plan future routes so it can be confusing when the lines don’t show.