It looks like Strava’s route builder is only available for paid supporters. At least I couldn’t figure out how to do it with my free account.

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How do your runs get to Runkeeper? If they get there via Garmin Connect, you’ll need to manually upload them to Runkeeper. Garmin is completely down, and isn’t talking to anyone.

Here’s a vid on copying data from watch and then into Strava…

I’m going to at least be sure the data is copied from my watch (FR235) until Garmin is back up.

Wondering if single syn a Strava activty might be a (easy) workaround, but I have Srava paused, so not sure what best option is.

@JamesChevalier, any suggestion? Thank you

It depends on whether you’re syncing one historic activity or if you’re doing this for future activities until Garmin comes back up.

If it’s just one old activity, unpause Strava & do the single activity sync & re-pause Strava

If it’s for everything going forward, pause Garmin & unpause Strava & when Garmin comes back online pause Strava & unpause Garmin


Well I thought I had a problem, since Garmin never got the activity, neither did Strava…

But, I plugged the FR235 in (USB), found the FIT file. Un-paused Strava (had to log back in here), and did manual upload on Strava, pointing to that FIT file on the watch. So now the activity is on Strava, so did the single activity sync & will now re-pause Strava.

Thanks for the help @JamesChevalier!

PS. Until Garmin comes back, I’ll just hold off on the Strava un-pause. Should I also pause Garmin, until it’s back?

I just uploaded my activities to strava and 4 of them. My life map only added the last one. Do I need to do anything to get them on my map?

@missiejacobson, Do you see your activities on the top CS home page?
Or maybe on your profile page (pull down menu, top right, of CS page)?

I just did two, and one took a bit longer than the other.

Lifemap typically takes a bit longer to process.

Good news! Garmin Connect is coming back online. Some functionality is still limited as they bring the system back up and I wouldn’t be surprised if things get bogged down as a backlog of data is uploaded to the platform from the last four days.
The current status of Garmin Connect can be found here — Garmin Connect |

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[UPDATE: It is resolved now, thanks if someone did something! ] I have a similar issue. Went on run on thursday, uploaded it yesterday along with another activity through Strava, but my thursday run somehow doesn’t add to lifemap. Tried to re-sync the specific activity without luck.

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:sweat_smile: :flushed: :astonished:
Good point - I’d better brace for impact…


Should we pause Strava again? (Are you getting updates from Garmin?) Or should we wait a couple days?

Yep, signs of life!
I’m going to hold off on resuming Garmin and re-pausing Strava until I see more green at Garmin. I’m not doing anything node related for the next couple of days, so no big deal.

Hi James - I think I might have the same issue…

This activity shows up in my profile okay: Michael Shanks's Activity on July 25, 2020 - CityStrides but not on my Life Map… or have I messed it up by uploading directly to Strava while Garmin was down? :grimacing:


Advanced LifeMap issues are almost always: This is the thread for Advanced LifeMap problems

I just started a regeneration for your account - how long it takes is dependent on how many activities you have.

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Thanks very much James - sorry for posting in the wrong place.

@JamesChevalier, sorry if I missed it, but is CS able to sync with Garmin now? Garmin status page still has some orange items, so I’m not sure.

Thank you

I don’t have much visibility into the Garmin system. The interaction is that CityStrides requests activities within a date range, Garmin replies ‘ok’ (but does not immediately reply with the activities), and at a later time Garmin sends the requested activities. If their response is not ‘ok’ & is instead an error, then my system will catch/retry that request. But other than that, I know as much as you do.

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I turned Strava back off over a week ago and my activities on Garmin have been successfully importing into City Strides. While it appears there are still some outages over in Garmin-land, getting data to City Strides doesn’t appear to be one of them.

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Thank you @fredrik.coulter, I’ll switch back too. I sunk (sync’ed) via Strava yesterday, but I’ll save the APIs for others. :slight_smile:

Garmin is, finally, all green!