Issue with map - streets from an activity disappears when zoomed

When I look at my life map I can see the streets I have completed. There is a run I completed on 7 February (CityStrides) that shows on the map until I zoom in to see the streets/nodes that I still need to complete. As far as I can tell this is the only activity that this happens to within the boundary my city map, and it just happens to be a marathon of streets.

I believe that it was showing correctly to begin with but it isn’t now. I deleted the activity and then synced my complete Garmin history, but the same thing has happened.

Second related question. Approximately how long does it take to sync your Garmin history? The prompt said many hours, and it has been a couple of days. I deleted only the Strava activities that had issues to reduce the amount of activites that needed to be synced. My Garmin account is 9 years old.


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