Curious about delay to activities appearing on LifeMap

In recognition of how bringing up minor issues sometimes leads to improved functionality, I have noticed that there seems to be a variable delay between an activity being processed and its appearing on my LifeMap. Occasionally it is more or less instantaneous, but other times the delay can stretch on for hours. Case in point: I synced this activity Kevin Pels's Activity on June 24, 2021 - CityStrides, it was processed and complete/incomplete streets appear in the activity page, my global street count and progress updated, but the purple line from this activity is still missing from my LifeMap more than 2 hours later. I’d post a screengrab of my LifeMap, but it wouldn’t really illustrate anything further.

So, is this just a post-processing step that has a different delay from other indicators on the status page?

This is an odd one.

Every saved activity for a subscriber will rebuild the LifeMap.

In the status page, it’s the “tile delay”. It’s rarely delayed.

It seems like the LifeMap rebuild finishes, but the updated LifeMap is still cached somewhere/somehow. I think it’s internal to Mapbox, and the URL structure I use to force a cache reset isn’t working as expected.

I’ve had this long-running thread in place to try & work through the issue: This is the thread for Advanced LifeMap problems

Interesting - thanks for looking into it! Like I said, minor issue, I just like the gratification of seeing it on my LifeMap when I get home from a run :slight_smile:

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Weird but this ended up being the longest of those sorts of delays, still hasn’t appeared on my LifeMap more than 10 hours later. I do wonder if maybe resetting my cache will help…?

I don’t store the advanced LifeMap data in the browser cache, so that likely wouldn’t help (I haven’t tried it though).
The issue is that either the data isn’t being generated successfully & it’s not telling me as much … or that the data is being generated properly but the browser isn’t picking up the new data (Mapbox, internally, has some amount of caching that I have no control over for this type of data). One test might be to try different devices - if it’s showing the same data across devices, then it’s likely not a browser issue … one thing to keep in mind here is that there are two different sets of data: 1. a private version, shown only to you 2. a public version, shown to everyone else - this is regardless of your privacy setting (if you’re fully public then the two data sets are exactly the same).

Can confirm that the delay to the LifeMap updating (after processing) occurs on multiple devices (desktop, mobile) and multiple Chrome profiles. Also I’m fully public so no public/private difference.

Same as @kevincharlespels