About The LifeMap

Basic LifeMap

This is the non-Supporter LifeMap, which has an activity count limit for certain browsers/devices.

Advanced LifeMap

This is the Supporter LifeMap, which adds some features (Activities are filterable by date, individual activity highlighting on hover, each activity is a link, and it’s wildly faster). Each user has two LifeMaps: one that contains private data, and another that contains public data (or is empty if the user is completely private).

How it’s generated

First, it starts at the individual activity level:
Each activity has a series of GPS coordinates that your tracking app records while you’re out on your run/walk. After the activity has been synchronized into CityStrides, there’s a bit of code that collects all of the activity’s coordinates & uses it to generate an “encoded polyline”.

Then, for the advanced LifeMap view:
There’s some code that collects all of the encoded polylines for a user, converts it to GeoJSON data, and converts that to mbtiles files with tippecanoe.

To Do

  • Explanation of in-browser cache as it relates to the advanced LifeMap
  • Explanation of how the site uses browser storage for the regular LifeMap
  • Explanation of what the ‘Reset Browser Storage’ button in the Settings page does
  • Better explanation of features

So this is weird. I use mostly Edge as my browser. Although much time has passed, LifeMap was not up to date. Tried clearing cache (cookies and saved website data & cached data and files) and got message “some data could not be cleared. please try again.” I did, many times. No luck. Maybe the data is still “open” although I have no CS tabs open.

So went to Chrome, cleared data with no problem, and LifeMap on Chrome is correct.

Not sure why the problem with Edge, but I’ll be sticking with Chrome for CityStrides.

So, if you having problems, and the status timer is up, you may want to try the above.

Moral of the story, the browser’s cache plays a big role.

So just noticed this…

On your settings page, accessed by mousing over your pic in the upper right hand corner of the main site (not community.citystrides.com), is the option to “Reset Browser Storage”

I just did this in the Edge browser and my LifeMap is now correct. So maybe I did not have to mess with browser settings after-all?