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Me too? Aaron Schinkowitch - CityStrides

Seems to be on its way now - jump from 500 to 755 activities overnight, only around 300 to go! But…
Something funny is happening with my life map now. I have to zoom right out to level 9 for any activities to show. Any closer than that and everything disappears:

I’ve tried refreshing, and clearing cache, but it doesn’t help.

Actually, not as straightforward as zoom level 9. If I use the mouse wheel and get “intermediate” zoom levels I can see some runs closer up, but some map tiles do no show any, eg:

If I zoom out a bit, everything appears. Zoom in any further and everything disappers.

If you’re still doing this I’d love to test it. Andrew Reifman-Packett - CityStrides

@aidangrant For those kinds of lifemap issues, trying clearing the browser cache and reloading - often a local storage issue.

This map issue is This is the thread for Advanced LifeMap problems

I’ve got @andrew & @aaron.schinkowitch & @aidangrant & @jpbari & @davemorin accounts going on a full history sync now. I’ve disabled the ‘Run History Sync’ button for you, that I’m about to mention :point_down:

The underlying process (right now) is that it requests 90 days of activities (Garmin-imposed restriction), then schedules itself to ask for another 90 days in 1 hour, and repeats until it gets back to 2004 (Garmin’s suggested “earliest data available” year).

Anyone else who has a Garmin account connected - there’s now a ‘Run History Sync’ button available on your Settings page. You can only do this once, because it queues up the full history sync mentioned here. So go ahead and click that button if you want your full Garmin history in CityStrides.


Thanks Jim - map seems to have resolved itself now, but I’ll keep an eye on it.

Garmin sync seemed to work well initially… it’s been stuck on 948 (out of around 1160) for half a day now though. Are there problems with it, or anything I need to do?

Hey James, I had clicked to do a full history sync, but its really not necessary, so if it would lighten your load, you can pull mine out of the queue, if that’s possible. Thanks!

Has anyone seen inconsistent Garmin syncing?

I’ve received one report of someone who says that new activities aren’t arriving from Garmin (this is not connected to history syncing). I’m working with them to see if I can figure it out, but I want to know if anyone else is also experiencing this issue & just not reporting it.

Just the thing I reported above… it seemed fine and pretty quick, but has frozen all day today. I don’t know if it thinks it’s finished?

There was a decent backlog today that caused lots of slowness. It sounds like you’re referring to the history syncing.
I wasn’t clear that the issue is with new activities not arriving in CityStrides. I’ll update my post - thanks!

If you share your profile link, I can check to make sure your history syncing is still going.
I also have no visibility into how fast Garmin keeps up with my history requests (their process is that I request 90 days of activities, and they immediately respond with just an “ok”, and then at some point later they send me notifications of those activities as if they had just happened).

Thanks Jim, my profile is Eh? Done. - CityStrides.

There are one or two particular long runs I’m hoping come in… would I be able to use the Sync Missing Strava Activity function to get them while the Garmin history sync is still going on OK?

Also, did I ask about the possibility of manual gpx/fit imports? Can download all out of Strava easily enough, though the format seems to be a bit of a lottery.

Yeah, the single-activity sync would work. If it comes in that way before Garmin, then it’ll just be skipped if/when it arrives via Garmin.

Manual upload was suggested here: Manual Upload
That’s a decent amount of work, so I’m going to continue my efforts with the Garmin connection before moving to that. I do expect it’ll happen eventually, though.

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Cheers, keep up the good work!

Oh, do I need to resume the normal Strava sync for that to work, btw?

ugh, yeah :man_facepalming: I haven’t made that “pause-agnostic” yet

This friend set garmin sync up, but all his runs were still coming in from Strava. I suggested he pause strava to save API, so he did but now hasn’t had the last run show up on his profile with only garmin.

I don’t THINK he has Garmin paused by accident, but it could use a look.

He should have a run from 5/5

Garmin sync is not working. After doing the historical sync on Tuesday night, it uploaded about 600 activities. Since yesterday afternoon it does nothing anymore, neither historical synchronization nor synchronizes the activity of today. Can I do something or just wait?

I don’t have a great understanding of how their history syncing works on their side. My interaction with it is that I request 90 days of activities, and they immediately respond with just an “ok”, and then at some point later they send me notifications of those activities as if they had just happened. I don’t know what that delay looks like (seconds? minutes? hours? days?).

Also - Overnight, the server ran out of disk space. Garmin sends the full activity in their notifications, and the notifications are logged … I didn’t put 2 & 2 together, and the logs filled the disk :grimacing: … I’ve resolved the issue this morning by filtering out the bulk of the data that Garmin sends (I’m still logging some of the notification so that I can debug if/when the notifications are received).

It looks like there are 6 notifications in Garmin’s retry queue right now. I don’t know what their retry schedule is, but I expect to receive all of these sometime today. These 6 notifications could either be 1 activity each or many each.

Let’s wait a bit before taking any action. I’m monitoring Garmin’s retry queue & asking their support team about what timeline the history sync usually operates on.