New: LifeMap performance & filtering for subscribers

:tada: The Beta: LifeMap performance has completed! :tada:

There’s a brand new LifeMap delivery system that is now enabled for all subscribers. This update handles your activity data in a completely new way, which provides:

  • Wildly faster LifeMap loading
  • Way more usable when there are too many a lot of activities to display on the map
  • The ability to filter your LifeMap with custom start/end dates
  • Hover over your LifeMap to see a popup with that activity’s date
  • The hover now also highlights that entire activity by increasing its line width and changing its color
  • Click on the activities to be taken to their page

This change also affects your activity map that’s shown on your city pages.

If you have any issues, I would appreciate it if you posted in #support instead of replying here. :+1:


Awesome, @JamesChevalier!

Just to be clear, we no longer need to use the map_beta URL, this is available just as our default map now?


Correct - I’ve left that map_beta page in place, because I may do more betas in the future. Right now, that page should display an alert that directs you to remove the _beta from the URL. :+1:

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Woah that does load fast. Really like the hover over feature James. Great stuff!


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Love the new feature where you hover over a street in the LifeMap to get the activities date.
Awesome job James!


I encountered the mouseover function in the lifemap and then came over here looking for the announcement thread. I have to say, this is really well done. Seems like you’ve finally cracked the nut in browser performance.


In my experience, the on-hover tends to put a lot of load on my CPU & my fan turns on - at least for larger maps. Have you experienced this?

:nerd_face: alert:
The new LifeMap has a completely new data source. Instead of requesting an encoded polyline for each activity from the database & decoding those in the browser … I’m generating mbtiles files and serving those as vector tiles into Mapbox with a slightly modified version of GitHub - tobinbradley/mbtiles-server: A very simple node.js server for mbtiles
I have run into difficulty with the stability of this new structure. My use-case of serving hundreds of mbtiles files is not common, and I’m learning a bunch about open file limits and memory usage :grimacing: but I am making progress towards a solution.


Yes, it spikes the CPU on my laptop to the 50% range when I’m actively hovering, but that’s on my resources, not yours, so…