Easy Way to find bad GPS plots?

Looking to the masses here.

I have a few older runs where the GPS took a big “jump” or I should have split the run in two because I moved a great deal between pausing and re-starting an activity.

Any thoughts on how best to seek these out rather than having to potentially pull up 2500 runs in order to find the map with the goofy map in it?

I can see them as part of my LifeMap, but I don’t know how to find the actual activity.

(I feel like I have read another post about others needing to do this, but a search of the forums has not found anything as of yet)



This is one of them - near Perrysburg, OH


use this to load your runs. Hoovering the gpx tracks will highlight the run. Easy peasy

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I really have to get around to adding this feature :grimacing:

@JamesChevalier - thanks for wanting to help us out by adding features, but personally, with the edge cases where I care enough which track is from what date, if I have another service that does the job, You don’t need to add it here.

Thanks @petje for the site link.


@jpbari You’ve probably seen this now, but this feature now exists for supporters, see link below.

Was just browsing topics and came across this one, thought I’d link this in case any future browsers are checking this out.

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