Some activities disappeared from LifeMap

Having the opposite issue.
Map and street list updated and then map for the newly completed streets disappeared
This is the activity:

This is related to New: LifeMap performance & filtering for subscribers … I’ve split this out into its own post, to help others with the same issue.

You can read that linked post for details on the new LifeMap data handling.

I think the things that can cause the issue of the LifeMap not displaying your most recent activity (or activities, if more than one have synced quickly) are:

  • The process that builds your LifeMap (it’s a different/separate background job now) has not completed
  • The server cache still holds the data, and the map will be updated once that expires
  • The browser cache still holds the old data, and the map will be updated once that expires

I’m still looking into your particular account/issue, and I’ll post here again when I’ve figured it out… :male_detective:

Alright, I’ve fixed your LifeMap.
I’ve also got a good idea of things to keep an eye on, if this happens again.