Strava not syncing?

Hi! I joined yesterday and I am a strava user. Nothing has uploaded. Not sure what I did wrong?

Nothing wrong, just a LOT of new signups that’s delaying things. Check out the status page for some detail:

Share your user ID here if things don’t look right tomorrow (about 8hrs from now, if you’re not Eastern Time). I can take a look.

Thanks for your patience!

Hi, James, my name is Lucia Alzaga. Not sure I have a user ID. I will look tomorrow. Thanks a lot! Stay safe and healthy!

@JamesChevalier Is LifeMap generation now only for supporters? I’m not seeing a delay time for non-supporters on the status page.

Still nothing here… almost 48 hours since I joined… oh well…

I’m a supporter and mine is not updated from yesterday’s run so it’s probably everyone.

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CityStrides is hitting Strava’s API limits, so activity syncing will be delayed for those accounts.
You can get a view of things here: CityStrides

I do need to rework that page a bit; it’s not displaying info on full-account syncing. That’ll affect new signups (people who need their full history synced) and anyone using the “sync now” feature.

There’s no overall limit to how many activities can sync into CityStrides. In the meantime, all anyone can do is wait.

Thanks for your patience!

@Sam The LifeMap generation that’s noted in the Status page is for the advanced LifeMap. Details in New: LifeMap performance & filtering for subscribers

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My Thursday Strava activity hasn’t synced but my Fridays and yesterdays has…Any idea? How can i manually upload it?

There is nothing we can do. We can only wait.

You can get a view of things here: CityStrides (I’m releasing an update in a bit that will add more detail re: full account syncs)

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Got it. I saw earlier i had yesterdays run as pending but now it has uploaded and not showing any pending activities.

Yeah, sorry my last reply didn’t fully address your question, mad rush here for the last few days that has me busy/distracted. :flushed:

I can run a manual sync for your account, to pull in any missing activities, but that won’t actually run until the the rate limit resets … and if I queue that up, it’ll add to the rate limit issue (adding more requests) … so the best thing to do is wait a bit (could be a couple days for it to completely subside).

Thanks for your patience!

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All good, thanks for the fast response and trying to keep up with everyone

Hi, thanks for all you do! I only had synced two activities, but those were done after I joined. What about the activities I have done before I joined? Is the program still picking them? Thanks!

Yes, CityStrides will eventually have your full history.

This is awesome! The world loves CityStrides!!!

Hi I joined and am also a strava user but only one of my runs has uploaded? A friend who recommended that I use City Strides has had ALL the runs they have done since using strava uploaded. Have I done something differently?

You haven’t done anything wrong, there’s just a massive queue right now. You can see that info at CityStrides

I’m starting on this wiki doc as well: How Syncing Works … I’ve just barely had enough time to create it; I still need to actually write it all up, but that’s where the info will go.

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