Updates from January 2020

  • Updated the completed/progressed street display on activities
  • Major LifeMap improvements for Supporters (time filter, display info on over, massive performance improvement)
  • Moved from Google Analytics to a self-hosted Matomo server

I like that the street lists on the activity page match the lists elsewhere in the site. I’m unsure if two flat lists is good, or if the progressed/completed should go into ‘tabs’ (like Striders/Streets on city pages).

The LifeMap improvements are massive. I’m really psyched about the changes here. The underlying server setup still needs some work, but overall this is a huge improvement.

I’m happy to have removed Google Analytics. The less third-party tracking, the better.


I just tried the time filter on my life map for the first time–so cool! This will allow me to make a beautiful time-lapse of my progress! Speaking of making maps into art, are you still considering having an option to order a poster sized image? I’ve had lots of people suggest that I need to frame my finished map. I noticed that had been a conversation topic a few years ago and wondered if anything ever happened with that idea! :slight_smile: Thanks James!

Yeah, the poster idea is here: Large printed poster of your running

I still want to do this :+1:

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