Local (to CS) avatar upload

I’d like the ability to upload an avatar picture directly to CityStrides so I can choose what my image will be on the main site.

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A good idea to vote, and solve the problem of profile pictures :wink:

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@JordiMonge before that, I’d prefer some other issues fixed before such as showing a street as complete after completing all the nodes, mainly because it shows more nodes than the ones it actually has. E.g. Marlboro Way, Pleasanton, CA has 8 nodes, but it shows 29.@JamesChevalier any plans on fixing that? Thanks in advance!

Yes. This is discussed in a few different places - throughout Streets with 0 Nodes and possibly addressed in Updates on November 4, 2020

Thanks a lot @JamesChevalier for the fast reply. But is it the same issue streets with 0 nodes that streets with just 8 nodes but they show 29?

Same but different.

Both are issues as @JamesChevalier works through bugs in the city update code, the “8 nodes but they show 29” streets weren’t re-calculated when your city got updated and it removed the old Some Streets Contain Nodes Outside City Boundary nodes. I am pretty sure he solved that issue so those streets should be corrected when your city updates next (a few of mine did)

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Hi @jpbari thanks for your reply. I still think that the issue is not the same. The streets where I have the issue are in the middle of the city. Nothing to do with a street in the city boundary that extends to another city. It’s not a big deal marking them as manually complete, but as SW engineer myself, just wondering if these cases can help @JamesChevalier to fix another bug in the future :wink:

There have been a few bugs in the city update code along the way. Sometimes resulting in different outcomes - one bug resulting in either zero-node streets or mis-counted nodes.

Your city was last updated from OSM: 2020-10-08, which falls in line with the mis-counted nodes bug. I fully expect the next update to resolve that issue in your city.

Thanks a lot @JamesChevalier for replying to all comments!