Local (to CS) avatar upload

I’d like the ability to upload an avatar picture directly to CityStrides so I can choose what my image will be on the main site.

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A good idea to vote, and solve the problem of profile pictures :wink:

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:thinking: Wondering if using Gravatar would be ‘good enough’

I definitely need to rework the profile image setup, either allowing people to enter a URL to their preferred image or allowing people to upload files directly or using Gravatar

:man_shrugging: I went for it Updates on March 29, 2021 because it was such a simple change and offloads a ton of thinking … I’m interested in feedback.

Trying now, but first impression is that it is too much work for anyone who doesn’t already have a wordpress account just to get an avatar on my account.

I’ll follow up once I figure it out, though.

So what I had to do was this:

  1. Go to Gravatar site, pick “log in”

It takes me to a wordpress login, which I didn’t have, so I had to sign up for a wordpress account.

  1. Click through multiple pages of “pay this to get your personal domain” and “pay this to get wordpress upgrades” while having to search for the one small “or continue for free” option on each page. It wasn’t the easiest thing to find.

  2. Go back to the gravatar link and log in there, give them the desired emails and image I want to use as the avatar.

  3. Reload Citystrides and the image is updated.

The process, other than having to deal with lots of “pay this” pages with wordpress is clunky, but not terribly difficult. That being said, I think it might be more than a lot of people will want to go through.

The gravatar landing and help pages really seem geared more towards selling it and explaining it to developers, not simple users like me who just want my pic to show up on a website, so for instance the “how to use gravatar” page was basically useless to me, even though that was the first link I clicked trying to figure out what to do.

I forget where I posted it now, but would there be a way for you to link a person’s forum avatar from here to their citystrides account?


erf! Yeah, that’s a lot to go through… I’ve had a Gravatar account for ages, so I’ve completely forgotten about all the hoops (and some of them might be new).

Ugh, ok, looks like I can’t lazy my way out of this…

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So I uploaded an image in gravitar (though I didn’t have to go through all the Wordpress hoops mentioned above) - and I can see my image in gravatar attached to my email but it still doesn’t appear here. Anyone have thoughts?

“Here” is the key word & will determine how I can help…

This forum is a completely separate piece of software, Discourse. It handles avatars in its own way.

The main website is the thing that I build, which should be pulling avatars from Gravatar based on the email address you have in your settings page.

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Can you enlighten us on that way?

I don’t even recall what photos I have where.


Originally, the avatar on your CityStrides page came from your paired service (i.e. Strava). The problem is, once Garmin Sync was introduced, Garmin doesn’t share that info with outside synchronization, so no one with Garmin Sync had an avatar, which is why @JamesChevalier has implemented Gravatar as a stop-gap in the meantime.

This idea was created suggesting the ability to change your Citystrides (not forum) avatar by uploading to your preferences within your Citystrides account.

Your avatar here on the forums is uploaded/changed from your personal “preferences” page. Like James said, this is separate from your Citystrides profile. If there were a way to pull the Discourse avatar into CS that would work as well as a Local to CS avatar, and would even ensure that your avatar on the forums always matched your avatar on CS (but I don’t know if Discourse allows that)


Thank you @jpbari ! And all I had to was scroll back to see more info on Gravatar. D’Oh! I’m not willing to jump through more hoops. Picture is not that big of a deal.


Check out this update!


I uploaded a simple graphic for me on the main citystrides site! It made me feel a little more at home when I come on there to check my streets after a run or a walk :smiley:

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