Updates on March 29, 2021

The biggest changes today are that all avatars are coming from Gravatar. It’s a service from the company behind WordPress that lets you set an avatar for one/all of your email addresses. You can check which email address is used here from your Settings page. Make sure that’s present in your Gravatar account, and your profile picture will show up right away.

Update: I’m receiving some good feedback in Local (to CS) avatar upload - #7 by jpbari about how much of a hassle it is to set up a new Gravatar account, which is changing my mind on this being a viable path. If you have opinions, please share them in that thread. I’m pretty sure I’ll be replacing the Gravatar setup with a proper file upload instead. I just want to mention it here to save people the hassle. :sweat_smile:

The second biggest change is to map displays. There are new start/stop markers and mile/kilometer markers for both activities & routes. The city border will always appear below the LifeMap, and the LifeMap will always appear under the Route you’re drawing. The Route Builder line color is changed a bit

  • :hammer_and_wrench: change default zoom on challenge page
  • :hammer_and_wrench: ignore nested cities in stats
  • :hammer_and_wrench: make some background job adjustments to better handle sudden load
  • :paintbrush: use Gravatar for all profile images; fallback to CityStrides logo
  • :paintbrush: update start/stop markers
  • :paintbrush: add mile/kilometer markers to routes and activities
  • :paintbrush: ensure city border appears below LifeMap
  • :paintbrush: drop the ‘testing’ banner on routes page
  • :paintbrush: ensure LifeMap appears under route
  • :paintbrush: adjust Route Builder line color
  • :paintbrush: move the download/delete buttons on Route pages above the street list
  • :paintbrush: adjust Routes page spacing
  • :paintbrush: rework search box placement on user page
  • :bug: fix navigation issue around LifeMap ReRun
  • :bug: fix column sizing on routes page
  • :bug: correct the map center on challenge pages
  • :bug: fix fullscreen toggle icon
  • :nerd_face: package updates