Mystery Runner

I am signing in as I typically have in the past.I am now showing as a mystery runner and it is not reflecting all my runs. Please advise.
Thank You

Update: My “mystery runner” account is now labeled Andrea Mash account and is running at the same time as my other subscribing account “Andrea Mashiak.” Is there a way to merge these two accounts?

Is one of the profiles by any chance connected to Strava while the other to something else? Because I also have two profiles, after I tried to connect to Strava, and I can’t seem to change that. I have paused Strava, but I still have two different accounts with same name, but the one with Strava is no longer updating. (I use Garmin as min primary connection).

I don’t know how to delete the one with Stava. I don’t know how I would merge them either (but no need to here, because everything on Strava is also on Garmin)

The “two accounts” issue probably happened because when you paired your second service (Garmin instead of Strava) you weren’t logged into CS with your original account at the time.

@JamesChevalier has merged people’s accounts in the past, but it is not a top priority I don’t think.

The “Mystery Runner” issue is because unlike Strava and MapMyRun, Garmin does not share your account name and avatar with the connection CS uses, so you have to set the name manually.

There is an idea to add a means for you to set your CS avatar manually since Garmin can’t pull it, but it needs more votes.