City updates paused?

Hi James, I was wondering if the city update process is/was paused?

When you originally started the process I took note of the ‘Last updated’ dates for a number of the cities I had run in and planned to compare those to the date of their second update so that I could get a rough idea of when to expect updates in the future.

I’ve noticed that comparing a couple of those cities:

London Borough of Croydon -
London Borough of Sutton -

Croydon had it’s first update on 23 Sept and its second on 19 Oct so around 26 days between updates.

Sutton had its first update on 7 Oct and still has not been updated a second time giving 38 days (and counting) between updates.

Other cities that had similar first update dates show the same pattern.
I know you didn’t know the length of the update cycle but I think you suggested that after the first batch, subsequent cycles would be faster as there was less new data to import so I was wondering if something had stopped these cities getting a second update?



I wonder if it might be possible to add information to the status page on the site showing information on where the update process was in terms of update cycle. Something simple like … “currently processing cities last updated on dd mmm” would give an indication of where it had got to. If I am interested in a city that was last updated on, say, 7 Oct then knowing whether the update process is currently working on cities last updated, for example, on 30 Sep or 6th Oct would give me a rough sense of whether I’ll see the one I am interested in updated soon or whether it’s likely to be a few days yet.


I came here to post this question. I follow about a dozen cities and they had been updating every 29-32 days. A couple cities I follow in New Jersey had a last update on 9/30 an one updated 11/1 and the other on 11/2. All of the other cities I follow last updated in the 10/08-10/18 range. There is one city that last updated 10/09 I have been watching for an update as I made a lot of changes in OSM. Now that it has been more than 32 days I started wondering if something was up. So I called up every city on my list (about 50 cities) and none have been updated since 11/2. I then searched the word “city” and brought up 50 more cities (Think “Atlantic City” and cities like that to try and span a big range or states and countries) and again no cities updated since 11/2.

So I am guessing it is paused? Has anyone seen a city updated in the last week?




Thanks! Good to know.

You might want to add that as a separate topic. In the Ideas section. (I’d vote for this.)

If enough people vote for it, then it may happen. (I posted a suggestion to add the update date to the city page, and it was implemented within a month.)

If you leave the idea here, then it may end up overlooked. No matter how good an idea it is.


Thanks Fredrik - I have followed your suggestion and posted this as an entry in the ideas section.


Yeah, things got weird and I’m trying to figure out what’s going on - a little more detail is in Are you OK? but not much … don’t have much time to explain things right now - I’ll try to make a point of explaining it when I fix it & post in #announcements though