Add member's join date to their profile page

Got this idea here, as someone else mentioned new vs. old members: City updates paused? - #13 by jpbari

Often times I wonder how long it took a person to get to their street count. Now we could know… Sort of. Of course a lot of older pre-join data gets imported, so maybe “First stride” date might be better (from the activity itself)? Or both?

Or maybe this could be on our card?

If there are privacy concerns, perhaps it could be an option in one’s settings? Can’t imagine it would be, but it might be.

Thanks for reading, and voting!

The only problem I see, is, unless it’s changed, is if you are in the forums, and want to find a person’s profile, there is not an easy way to do that… I recall that as an idea…

Yep, found it: It can be done: CS account URL in community profile - #4 by JamesChevalier

At that link ^^^ is how to do it!

Edit: One other reason I had for this, but forgot to mention, is occasionally I see a Strider with 1000s of streets to their credit… And wonder, “Wow, how long has this person been at it?”

First stride date can be determined if the account is public. For example, I clicked on your name, and a box appeared with a bunch of information. One of those pieces of information was the web address of your City Strides profile. If I then went to that address, I saw the last page of your activities. I then went to page 23 of your activities (your first page), and found that your first recorded run was October 4, 2018, during which time you completed three streets.

That’s far more productive than I was. There are a lot of old activities that are here that have zero completed streets for me. (Partially this is because there’s a lot of crap data that was imported from other sources. Even so, it took me several attempts to even run two blocks to complete a couple streets.)

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Corollary: could be easy to add a ‘First Stride’ date to each city/zone where their first activity that touched a node occurred? For ex, my runs logged on CityStrides go back to 2014, but I moved to Portugal in July and logged my first miles in certain zones that I’ve now 100%ed since then.

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Thanks @fredrik.coulter, that’s pretty cool. Convoluted, but cool. :wink: