Are you OK?

@JamesChevalier Are you OK? I haven’t seen you post in a while.

The reason I’m asking (other than missing you) is that a run I did this morning (Fredrik Coulter's Activity on November 21, 2020 - CityStrides) still has only blue nodes rather than red and green ones that I’d expect ten hours after the event. Normally you make sure that the system keeps updating the records on a timely basis.

I also was going to ask you about the city update process. The main city I run in (DeLand, Florida - CityStrides) was last updated October 10. Last I checked, you thought that it was going through the cities in about a month, and it’s now been forty days. The first issue I’ve noticed is that Airport Terminal Blvd (Airport Terminal Drive in DeLand, Florida - CityStrides) is listed as having fourteen nodes, but there are only six on the map. I suspect that the issue happened when I marked much of the older version of the road as inaccessible on OSM. When the updated street was imported, only the new nodes were imported but the total number of nodes wasn’t updated. This means that this road continues to sit on the first page of my Incomplete list, taunting me.

If the update process is taking longer than a month to cycle through all the cities, that’s fine. I don’t need to have DeLand updated outside of the normal process. But if it’s taking less than a month, it looks like it skipped the city. Perhaps because I haven’t found any error on the map since October 10. (Rather than running in the old town, my new streets are in newer sub developments who are more accurately reflected on the map.)


Also hoping all is well!

I too eagerly watched the one month come to Keller, but no update (yet).

I’m with @fredrik.coulter, I’m OK with the wait, but I’m excited for the update as it should mean 100% for Keller.

Warmest regards, Eric

Also curious, specifically about OSM city updates, and hope all is well @JamesChevalier !


Hope all is well @JamesChevalier!

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Yeah, I had to replace my laptop :sweat: :moneybag: and the transition to the new machine has taken longer than expected. Our household schedule has shifted a bit as well, so all the places I tucked away time to work on CityStrides don’t exist & I need to find new hiding spots. :laughing:
I also just needed a bit of a break. Getting this city update code to work properly has been stressful, between the creation of zero-node streets which confuses everyone & how it was overloading servers which caused me to shout expletives at a volume that my cats did not enjoy.

:thinking: blue nodes mean you’re either not logged in or you’re not running that city - was that activity in a new city for you?

The city update code has flatlined in a very odd way. I have a queue for “slow” jobs (either they take a long time to complete or they tax the database) & this queue is quite limited – other queues are processed by many threads and things scale up/down as load requires, but the slow queue is strictly limited to 5 threads so that I don’t accidentally the whole thing. :smile:
That queue grew to 300k+ jobs and I need to figure out why – I suspect it’s affecting quite a bit of the processing (I think Large queue of Deleted Activities is related). :sweat_smile: So I’m re-assessing that situation…


Yes, it’s a new city to me. I’m on vacation on the Outer Banks of North Carolina for the week, so I’m running cities I’ve never run before.

If it’s a lot of work for you, it might not be worth the bother to add those cities. I’m only be here for a week.

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Welcome back!!


Glad things are ok. Hope everyone had a great turkey day, and sure don’t want your cat(s) to get too stressed.

Happy Holidays James! I have seen you posting more sporadically since this update and hope all is going well. Just wanted to inquire about OSM updates - I have been waiting for more than 2 months now for a lot of edits I’ve been doing to be added to CS (especially Sardoal). Do you have any news for us on the city update situation?

I’ve had to pause city updates because that system is a bit volatile & I haven’t had free time to watch over it this month. I think my schedule should start to normalize a bit next week which might help me get back to all the unanswered forum posts/emails, releasing some minor updates I’ve been working on, and getting back to the city update stuff.


Thanks @JamesChevalier for the update and for your work!

For all the striders that like me are waiting for a city update from OSM, or for some bugs to be fixed (Completed all streets but not 100%?), I’d recommend mark those streets as manually completed (I do that even with private streets that have not been yet updated from OSM) and once James fixes those bugs and pushes the updates from OSM that will be automatically corrected. Otherwise, at least for me, is very hard to keep track which ones are real uncompleted streets that I have to run or which ones have any kind of issue.


@luis1981 That’s a good idea, and was almost going to do it… But the only streets I need for my “almost 100%” city, are the streets with 0 nodes… About 10 of them. So now I’m undecided. Does it make a difference to manually complete? For me, not really.