Street Realignment / Closure

I was trying to complete a bunch of streets in a light industrial area of town, and discovered that earlier this year the Port Authority took over some of the land - they realigned the street, and gated off some of the roads. The result is that three nodes are ‘behind bars’ and those streets cannot be completed. I thought about updating OpenStreetMaps but a) I’m not super confident about this and b) the road realignment doesn’t yet show on the maps (although it does show on my Strava satellite view). I assume there’s no issue with manually completing these streets, but I’m a bit baffled about how to proceed otherwise. Thanks!

Hey, there’s only one way to learn OpenStreetMap, and that’s to start. There’s an in-browser editor! All you have to do is split the street into two parts and then mark the “behind bars” portion with the tag “access=private”.


And, with your OSM updates, next time the city is re-processed by CityStrides, those manually completed streets will become non-manually completed (I forget the proper term).

I also seem to recall a wiki here, about getting started with OSM. Found it!

PS. There is also an Beginners’ Guide and an automated tutorial at OSM. As I recall, once you sign up, it will ask if you would like to see it. If doesn’t, see this: Interactive tutorial to getting started editing OSM - OSM Help

Oh, and you can also upload GPS “traces” to make adding roads and paths easier, when no satellite imagery is available.

Warning: Getting started with OSM can be very addicting. You might find yourself correcting all sorts of things… I started adding all the drinking fountains in local parks!


You are right - so addictive! But this was incredibly helpful and I was able to make the necessary adjustments. Thank you!

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Thank you! Decided to give it a go and you’re right - playing around a bit and you get the hang of it.

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