City updates paused?

I came here to post this question. I follow about a dozen cities and they had been updating every 29-32 days. A couple cities I follow in New Jersey had a last update on 9/30 an one updated 11/1 and the other on 11/2. All of the other cities I follow last updated in the 10/08-10/18 range. There is one city that last updated 10/09 I have been watching for an update as I made a lot of changes in OSM. Now that it has been more than 32 days I started wondering if something was up. So I called up every city on my list (about 50 cities) and none have been updated since 11/2. I then searched the word “city” and brought up 50 more cities (Think “Atlantic City” and cities like that to try and span a big range or states and countries) and again no cities updated since 11/2.

So I am guessing it is paused? Has anyone seen a city updated in the last week?


Yes: Preddvor, Gorenjska regija - CityStrides


Thanks! Good to know.

You might want to add that as a separate topic. In the Ideas section. (I’d vote for this.)

If enough people vote for it, then it may happen. (I posted a suggestion to add the update date to the city page, and it was implemented within a month.)

If you leave the idea here, then it may end up overlooked. No matter how good an idea it is.


Thanks Fredrik - I have followed your suggestion and posted this as an entry in the ideas section.


Yeah, things got weird and I’m trying to figure out what’s going on - a little more detail is in Are you OK? - #5 by JamesChevalier but not much … don’t have much time to explain things right now - I’ll try to make a point of explaining it when I fix it & post in #announcements though


Hi, my main cities Lidingö and Stockholm have not been update since 2020-10-20 and 2020-10-13, is the update stopped, or is it just some problem for specific cities?

My city has also not been updated in two months as of today. (Of course, prior to that it hadn’t been updated at all. Beggars can’t be choosers.)

For me it’s not a killer issue. Even after updating, I’d still be around 70%. And since the streets I haven’t run are farther from my house I can only knock them off on weekends. So it’ll be while before I’m at 100%. But there’s at least one street on the first page of my Incomplete Streets list that is actually complete. It just sits there, taunting me.

I’m short 10 streets, all suffering from the 0-node problem, in Keller, TX - Keller, Texas - CityStrides

I have run those ten streets.

I am super eager to see 100%, so hopefully the updates will begin again (soon).

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Same here. It would be nice if could sync the cities with zero-nodes first. The one I’m waiting for has not been updated for nearly 2 months now. Haarlemmermeer, Noord-Holland - CityStrides

Thank you!

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Yes, I am surprised - how soon we forget…

I know some are more recent new members, but even some of our long-time members are getting impatient for their locality to come back around when prior to this update code starting it had been almost 2 years since the global update completed.


@jpbari I’m super tempted to “manually complete” those last 10 streets in Keller. I recall reading that when a city is reprocessed, manually completed streets that have been run, will be unmarked as manually completed. Is that your understanding?

I just don’t want to take any chance, as I’m going for 100%, including 100% of the nodes. I can wait, but not forever… We are getting ready to move, and access to Keller, while not impossible, won’t be as easy.

Also, your mention of recent vs. long-time members, made me curious about join dates. I wonder if @JamesChevalier would consider adding it to our profile page (or card)? Going to suggest in the Ideas Forum.

Added: Add member's join date to their profile page

That is my understanding as well if @JamesChevalier’s code works properly :rofl:

I, too, pretty much do all my reviewing by looking at my lifemap just to make sure I don’t miss anything

edited to add: We may not know when someone joins Citystrides, but we can see when they joined the forums:


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The two main zones I’ve been running in (& updating rapidly) had CS OSM updates on 16 Oct and 9 Nov. Since then I’ve discovered publicly available GIS resources and frantically updated the OSM for both, and I’m always checking when those updates will be incorporated to CS to see my street count rise. In the meantime I’m relying on the LifeMap to chart new routes that don’t cover old terrain, but I’m expecting a 100+ street ‘bump’ in my overall count at some point when those updates occur…!

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Yes, in the last update I had about 20 manually completed streets automatically change to regular completion.

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@thevandaley Thanks for that!

Looks like Sutton (Oct 7) updated this week, so updates seem to be back on.


Eric - what did you decide to do? I marked my last 11 as manually completed. Half of them don’t even exist at all!!!

@david.krulewich, I’m going to wait a little longer. Just read the update code is running again.

James did not commit that zero-node is fixed, but I’ll wait until the next update to see. If it does not fix my last 10 streets, I’ll finish Keller manually and call it done.

Just wanted to chime in, again, and report that the last update worked perfectly. I am now 100% in Keller, Texas. Kudos to @JamesChevalier