About OpenStreetMap

Anyone can make edits in OpenStreetMap (OSM), all it takes is a free account. After you create your account, there is even a tutorial (see below) that teaches the basics of OSM editing, as well as a “Beginner’s Guide

Also, at the bottom of the OSM Welcome Page is this:

No Time To Edit? Add a Note!

If you just want something small fixed and don’t have the time to sign up and learn how to edit, it’s easy to add a note.

Just go to the map and click the note icon Note
This will add a marker to the map, which you can move by dragging. Add your message, then click save, and other mappers will investigate.

OSM Tutorial

The option to take the tutorial showed up by itself after I registered. If you don’t get the option, or want to take it again, see this page: Interactive tutorial to getting started editing OSM - OSM Help

Pressing H (Help) works too, to access the tutorial option (on help screen)!

There is also this Wiki entry on editing: OSM Basics . It “summarizes a few techniques for fixing common OpenStreetMap (OSM) errors that found their way into CityStrides.”


What I understood from the OSM community is that they advise against using the standard editor but use JOSM ( or some other editor ) instead. If you still want to use the standard OSM editor, please make limited changes at a time so the OSM community can check your edits easily and correct them if needed. ( at least, this is what i received as input )

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@RichardRichard That’s good to know. Thank you. Luckily my changes have been limited, as I am so new to OSM.

What I understood from the OSM community is that they advise against using the standard editor but use JOSM ( or some other editor ) instead.

I have not heard this recommendation yet. It does seem like JOSM provides more than iD ( What are the main things that I'm missing out by using the iD editor instead of JOSM? - OSM Help ) but I’m not under the impression that anyone should be dissuaded from using iD.

Your note about keeping your changes small, and in a small area, is very helpful.

As a OSM mapper (1000+ changesets) i can say that the html5 edit mode is perfect for maknig small changes. JOSM is a offline vector editing tool that takes a big learning curve. To make a small street private, or change a street into a path for instance, the standard tool is perfect. For citystrides changes i always use it…


@petje Thank you for your experienced insight. I was wondering this very thing!

Thanks Petje. Good for others indeed to use the build in editor, much easier. Josm doesn’t seem to difficult either when doing simple CS edits so I’ll continue using that one to keep my local OSM guru happy. :blush:

@petje I have noticed, and read in the OSM forum, that when using the standard editor, updates are taking longer. I don’t think that’s a big deal here (CityStrides), but it was giving me some confusion (on not seeing my edits, one that will affect CS and a particular road). This vertical road is not Keller Parkway, but as that’s how it’s labeled, it does have nodes.

I might try one of the other OSM editors. Not on the above, as I’ve already done it (I think), but on future edits.

@ericjrw: That change came to openstreetmap just nice. Maybe the server update is lagging a bit, say an hour maybe.
I recommend each and everyone who seriously will update OSM for the benefit of all, to do it. Just JOSM takes a quite bit more steep learning curve as it’s more abstract, and a lot can be done in the standard editor.

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Thank you @petje, as I do see my edits coming through now, I will continue to make edits. In fact, yesterday, I found three new streets not yet in OSM. They are now!

Utopia, Pine Valley and Madison were missing.

Mine so far have been pretty simple edits. So basic editor is OK for now.

Cheers, Eric

How long does it take for changes made on OSM to sync into the citystrides map?

That is still a (I hope high priority) planned change that needs to be taken on in CS. I am sure Garmin incorporation goes first though.

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Matt - visually, changes to the map do not take that long.

Unfortunately, getting the nodes in CS updated will take a bit more time. @JamesChevalier has to develop a process by which the current map is brought into CS, the nodes recalculated, and then all the accounts are updated to reflect the new completion/remaining numbers. He was on his way to working on that, but I suspect the rapid expansion of user base and the subsequent Strava limit issues have taken precedence in his priority list.

Here is that priority list:


Map updates are 3rd after Strava and Garmin imports


I just mentioned this here ( OSM Basics ), but I’m wondering if a bit on “admin levels” might be helpful? I’m still trying to fully understand the concept.

Edit: Key:admin_level - OpenStreetMap Wiki

I think I get it now.

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