Brookline, MA - Warner Street is now a private residence

I’m pretty excited to be closing in on 100% of Brookline, MA, but I can’t complete the nodes on Warner Street because it no longer exists. I’m not sure how long ago it happened but there is now a private residence at 130 Warren Street, and where the the branch to Warner used to be is now a private, gated driveway. Rather than explain to these very wealthy folks that I need to run around their property to hit the nodes, can this non-existent street be removed?


Great job on Brookline, Kevin!

The nodes on Citystrides are brought in from OpenStreetMaps. These maps are open source and can be edited by anyone.

Review wiki for more info on that.

That “OSM” data is updated periodically in CityStrides, If you are close and would like to show that you have completed all the available nodes, it is not inappropriate to mark a street as manually completed while waiting for the OSM data to be re-imported to CS.


Thanks for pointing me in the right direction (pun intended)



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@kevincharlespels you may have already found it after exploring the Wiki from @jpbari’s link, but if not, check out the About Nodes, Streets and Cities page:


Thanks for all the suggestions, seems like there are a few options. I chose to play around with OSM and remove the Warner Street classifier (now ‘driveway’); I tried to triple-check what I was doing before saving the change so hopefully I did it with the proper etiquette and all…

So for now I’ll manually mark Warner St as completed, and then when CS syncs with OSM this street will no longer exist?

Been really enjoying exploring the neighborhoods of my community with CS, it’s my motivation to stay away from busy paths and trails during these pandemic times while still getting my runs in.

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Yep, that is the way it should work. Updating OSM data in CS has taken a back seat to fixing the Strava sync fiasco, but it will happen, and when it happens, it is planned to be in a way that it becomes automatic and on some sort of scheduled (all TBD)