Apartment Parking lots and private drives

Should apartment Parking lots and private drives count toward city street completion? There are a LOT of apartments in East Lansing, and running parking lots doesn’t make a ton of sense to me. Running private drives is also a bit concerning, you never know when some psycho mich pull a gun on you for trespassing.

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This Google Doc - CityStrides Street Query - contains a full list of road types and the full/explained query that CityStrides uses to import data.

Check these streets in OpenStreetMap to see if they need to be re-tagged.

Looks like both types need to be removed in my town. What’s open street map? I’m solely on mobile, is it compatible?

OpenStreetMap: https://www.openstreetmap.org
It’s where all the street data comes from. It’s like Wikipedia, but for mapping the world.
I don’t know how mobile-friendly their website is offhand.

I can pull all the data for a given road, but my access appears to be read only even after creating a log in.

Looks like I can force desktop and get it to work. How ofter are updates received to city strides from the map utility?

Cities in CityStrides receive new updates ~5-6 weeks on a rolling basis. East Lansing last received an update on April 13th (listed in the top left of city page) so next ingest of new OpenStreetMap (OSM) should be soon.

Before making any changes in OSM, it’s recommended to take a look at a couple of the wiki threads about OSM (ex: here & here). In addition, OSM data is used by more than just CityStrides. So before making any changes, think about if this is a proper change for all.

If you aren’t sure about a change, recommend adding a note to OSM vs making change outright. That way other OSM users can weigh in.

Do you have a couple examples in East Lansing of where a parking lot/private drive is included in CityStrides? Could take a second look to confirm the change.

Keith drive is an example of a clearly marked private road. Palmer Lane is an example of apartments, it’s really just a parking lot.

As of today, neither of those streets appear when searching streets in East Lansing, MI in CityStrides.

East Lansing received a new OSM ingest update on May 21st. Keith Dr. (OSM) & Palmer Lane (OSM) were both updated on May 18th in OSM and thus those changes were ingested into CityStrides on the 21st. The changes in OSM were to mark them both as private; thus why they no longer appear in CityStrides.

As an aside, going based off Google Maps images, I don’t think Palmer Lane qualifies as a parking lot (according to OSM descriptions). Those look to be more like the lots you see at a mall. I’d say it’s more likely it should be tagged as a parking lane with perpendicular tag.