Remove Streets that don't exist in my town

Two streets added that don’t exist in my town. How do I remove them from city strides?

You edit them in OpenStreetMap, and then James will eventually run an update to City Strides that brings in those changes to the site.

He’s currently working on the update process. Once it’s working properly, it will cycle through the cities bringing in the latest changes. But his latest estimate is that it’ll take about 200 days to complete a cycle.


Info on OSM, from CS Wiki page - About OpenStreetMap

Wow. I’v already made 4 updates on OSM and I’ve only been on city streets for 2 weeks haha! Would you guys advise I manually mark the streets complete instead of waiting for the OSM updates? I CANNOT STAND seeing nodes Red that I know I already completed!! So basically I’m asking, is there an ETA when City Streets will be updated from latest OSM?

Second question: any advise on how to deal with Nodes are that clearly in someones driveway? So there may be 2-3 nodes on a dead end (A LOT in my town) and I only get the first 2, because the 3rd is past the mailbox. Can I update this on OSM too? Would I Just shorten the length of the street? OR best just manually mark complete?

I’m exercising my patience and not marking streets complete. I’m also making at least one correction per week, and usually more.

But to each his own.

As for driveways, etc., you can shorten the street OR split the street when it no longer is public and then tag the private section as private and driveway.

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@david.krulewich I too am waiting. I’m close to finishing my city, and so far zero are manually completed. Going for 100% GPS completions. If I can’t get to 100% by being on the street, I’ve decided to wait until that point, and decide. But the map updates @JamesChevalier has done, is making it look that 100% with no manual will be possible.

I do have 60 streets left to complete, so we shall see.

I admire your patience @fredrik.coulter and @ericjrw - however I think I will mark as mine as manually complete if I know I have ran 100% of the public street. By the way, I notice everyone is using OSM to update streets; however it appears City Strides is also replying on Mapbox data which would create 2x the work? Also - I presume even if you manually mark complete, once City Stride updates with your revisions to the underlying data, it would convert your manually completed streets to GPS completed?

@david.krulewich As I recall, @JamesChevalier is using Mapbox only for the visual (displayed) map, not the map used for node detection. This initially confused me, as I saw my OSM edits appear on CS pages, yet the node data, and my collection of said nodes, remained unsuccessful.

However, since James has rolled out the periodic update code, my OSM edits (mostly new streets and streets that are actually private), the missing and “unobtainable” nodes I have found, are now correct in CS.

If you are close to 100% for a city, you might consider adding it to the update requests mentioned in this thread: Now Testing: City street/node updates

PS. Interesting idea about un-marking a street as manually complete. I did a quick search, and it looks like it has been requested. Perhaps with OSM updates rolling out, this feature may become more useful? View "marked as complete"-streets and ability to unmark them

PPS. I did not read the whole of the request thread, but I got the jist that you can un-mark streets as manually complete.


Yep & that’ll be visually apparent when viewing the street page - instead of noting it as “Manually” completed it’ll display the date of the activity that completed it

Yep, Mapbox is just a visual map

No need - I’m running the update process against all active cities

Actually, that’s done: View "marked as complete"-streets and ability to unmark them - #6 by JamesChevalier I just hadn’t closed the topic yet.


James, you are fast!

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What do you mean by this? Did you first update in Mapbox and then later realized you only needed to update in OSM?

Can you advise on ETA for Fairfield? I see updates made my another use in OSM at least 2 months old but the node has not came down from CS

Mapbox gets its data from OSM.
Eric made an edit in OSM, which was picked up in the UI that Mapbox provides but was not picked up by CityStrides (so his progress didn’t change on any streets/cities).

I can’t, sorry. I’m still learning how this will go. Keep an eye on Now Testing: City street/node updates as I learn more.

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Fair enough. I am happy to pay a ‘ransom’ to prioritize my town though! I want to know it works for the updates I just made and then I will make the effort to update on OSM each time I see something that needs to be adjusted and you will then get my bigger monthly supporter commitments!!

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:laughing: :sweat_smile: holding city updates ‘ransom’ :grimacing:
I just manually added Fairfield to the update queue. I have no idea how long it’ll take to update, but I’d guess it’ll be closer to ‘today’ than not - in the last hour, it’s mostly been running at 1-3/minute but there are some moments of 15/minute. There were ~35 cities in the queue ahead of it, so hopefully it gets updated quickly. :smile:


Thank you very much! I Just finished all my updates so hopefully they all come through! Much appreciated, James.

I knew the CS relation with OSM, but not Mapbox. But Mapbox also uses OSM. So Mapbox updated it’s map, which CS displayed… But CS displayed only the graphic, at the time CS was not updating the street database (like it is now).

PS. I’ve never even contemplated updates to Mapbox. :slight_smile:

Hi, my local towns just got a big update and all of the changes I made in OSM went through. In nearly all cases CS has made the change I was hoping for but there are two cases where there is an error.

One is Pettigrew Road in Kittery Maine (Pettigrew Road in Kittery, Maine - CityStrides). This was originally mapped as a road that connected to different streets, but the reality is that Pettigrew turned and dead ended, and from the otherside it was a private drive way and the roads do not connect there is a giant house between them. So I fixed it on OSM and it updated in CS, but the nodes did not update.

The next is Cate Street in Portsmouth New Hampshire (Cate Street in Portsmouth, New Hampshire - CityStrides). In this case the street moved and the former location is now fenced off and a construction area for some new condos. The street and new walkway have updated, but the nodes did not move.

I had made about 30 changes, and so far these are the only two I have flagged where CS’s nodes did not also update.

(Did I post this in the right spot?)

Ironic because I see from the updates James just sent through, the Nodes from the updates I made in OSM have been updated in CS but not the map itself!

Ok @JamesChevalier, riddle me this. All the updates have come through and my red nodes have turned green, however they are still listed as manually completed and if I unmark as manually, they show uncompleted. What’s a guy to do?

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