Incorrect street data in Japan

I am trying to finish all of the roads in my current hometown of Hamura, Japan, but one road keeps eluding me. I have now genuinely run the entire length of the accessible road from north to south, but the data in OSM is incorrect and showing it a few feet to the east. This means I’m not hitting the nodes and getting credit for running “Davis Street.”

I don’t have an OSM account, so am hoping someone can help me make the necessary edits. Thank you!

If you are referring to this Davis Street, according to satellite images OSM currently has access to, the nodes look to be going thru an airport building.

I’ve added a comment to that area in OSM but I do not think it is a good idea for non-locals (ie myself & most of CityStrides community) to edit nodes as we don’t know how old the satellite images are and don’t think it is right to move nodes without confirming location of street.

The note is available for any OSM user to see so hopefully a Hamura local will be able to verify in the near future. However this means CityStrides won’t get any updates until it is fixed in OSM. I’d recommend manually marking the street as complete for the short term in CityStrides if you feel you have completed the street as it is in real life.

As an aside, creating an OSM account is free. See here for basics. If you don’t feel comfortable editing streets/nodes, I’d still recommend creating an account so that you can add notes for other OSM pros to jump in and make corrections.

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Out of curiosity, do you run by the map or only streets that show as such in CityStrides? Just wondering how you translated CS to the “address by block” system :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response Marty. I’ve manually marked it was completed and once things in my life settle down (about 2 weeks from now, maybe), I’ll be sure to add the comment on OSM. Part of the issue is that these streets are on an American military base, so I’m not sure how many local OSM users have access to the actual course of these roads.

I primarily ran based upon what I actually saw with my own two eyes, but as I learned more about how CS marked streets and I saw that I was close to finishing I just went with what CS/OSM listed as “streets.”

If these are on a military base that has limited access they should likely be tagged as such. There are some specific military tags (see here) but I’m not familiar enough with them to make a recommendation on which. At a minimum I would think all the roads in that base (which look to be discernible as they have English names and house barracks, military buildings, etc) should have their access tag set to private. If they were set to private, the next time CS syncs Hamura’s OSM data, they would be removed from CS.

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I will make sure to come back to things and mark these changes as military/private. Thank you for all the input!